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Incredible Snowga Pictures That Will Make You Want to Take Your Om Outside


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It takes a lot to grab a true New Yorker's attention (we've seen it all, people). But even this city cop was impressed by @maxandlizacro's impressive handstand press in the middle of the snowy NYC streets. (Check out these Wild Fitness Photos from the Scariest Places on Earth.)


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Looks like @sfreneenyc was able to steal a moment of solitude in Central Park before the hordes of sled-touting kids descended on the powder (who are we kidding, you know we were there with our sleds too!).


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@alice_in_wanderland certainly picked a sunny spot for her pigeon pose, but we really, really hope she changed out of those leggings ASAP. Cold, wet leggings are no fun for anyone!


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Caitlin Turner of @gypsetgoddess always serves up enviable yogascapes, and this snowy shot is no exception. And those leggings and boots: perfection!


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@rachel.acu.yogi might be almost up to her elbows in snow here, but that's hardly affecting her handstand form. Kudos, girl. (P.S. Are Snowga Classes Safe?)


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Look ma, no hands! @leighemily nailed the hands-free headstand—on top of a glacier, no less.


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Yoga is more fun with a buddy, right? @northcarolina_yogagirl and her friend are crushing the acro game—and we're obsessed with how those blue leggings look against the crisp white snow.


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White on white is always a good idea when you're practicing in the snow. Obv. @phyllicia.victoria gets it.


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Yoga instructor @caleyalyssa actually managed to get outside (and upside down!) during the blizzard. Because when the roads are shut down to vehicles, of course you go out and play in the middle of the streets. (Try these 10 Exercises to Prime Your Arms for Tough Yoga Poses.)


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Plain ol' yoga in the snow wasn't enough for @xrayaerialist, who brought her aerial silks out into the winter weather for a seriously stunning pic.


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We're super impressed by @krystasana's king pigeon pose; her pup, not so much. (We've got 4 Tips for Increasing Your Flexibility. Just in case this seems a liiiittle out of reach.)


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