You might hate them during your workout, but you owe them some serious love

By Lauren Mazzo
Updated: June 09, 2016

A love/hate relationship is the only way to describe your true feelings for fitness trainers. You might loathe them when you wake up for your 6 a.m. workout, grumble under your breath during those last few burnout reps, or get frustrated when they lie about only holding that plank for 30 more seconds. But when you're basking in that post-workout glow, crushing a fitness feat you never thought you'd touch, or seeing big results in the scale or mirror, you know you couldn't have gotten there without them. (Steal their motivational mantras to keep the fire burning even when you're working out on your own.)

That's why Reebok launched their new #TrainerTribute campaign in partnership with the trainer-hookup app Handstand and their ReebokONE global trainer network, which is chock full of all-star fitness talent like Jen Widerstrom, Emily Skye, Ashley Horner, Jamie Eason, Cory Gregory, and Emily Schromm. The mission: honor the people that willingly put themselves on the other side of our grumbles, complaints, and occasional bad attitudes. The first rollout of the campaign is the video above; it will inspire you to give thanks to your trainer for seeing and cultivating your limitless potential, even when no one else can. (It'll also inspire you to take up boxing. Start with this workout.)

So next time you're cursing your trainer for absolutely crushing you during a workout, keep in mind that they know where you can go if you don't quit, and just want to help you get there. (If this video doesn't have you convinced, these 10 Reasons You Should Work Out with a Personal Trainer will.)


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