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Instagrams That Will Make You Want to Om with Animals

Less "Om", More "Baaa"

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Penny the goat perches atop her mom, Rachel Brathen (AKA @yoga_Girl). If you think this goat-on-crow pose is impressive, check out the full video on Instagram.

Photo: Penny_theGoat Instagram

One Pose At a Time

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This Canadian yogi is teaching her chihuahua the basics of flow. She captioned this photo with the perfect quote: "'That is what learning is. You suddenly understand something you've understood all your life, but in a new way.'" We think this doggie's downward dog looks pretty legit.

Photo: Leroylife Instagram

Giving Crow a Go

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Instagram yogi Megan Brooks took Rachel Brathen's goat video as inspiration, and gave crow pose a try with her kitten, Dexter the "mini panther." (And you should give it a try too. Read Why Everyone Should Try Cat Yoga At Least Once.)

Photo: Megan_a_brooks Instagram

Fish On a Boat

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This yogi took #petyoga to a whole other level with this twist on boat pose. Apparently, not-so-furry friends can do yoga too!

Photo: eliana_infinito_yoga Instagram

A Dog with Wings

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This pooch flies high with a little outdoor acro yoga. (He doesn't look like a fan, but we think he's nailing it.)

Photo: isadorahv Instagram

Giddy Up In Downward Dog

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Forget beach, mountain-top, or paddleboard yoga—the new place for the ultimate down dog? On a horse. @horse_yoga_girl makes it all look way too easy.

Photo: horse_yoga_girl Instagram

Backbend Buddies

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Yogi Tanya Sizemore hit the nail on the head with this pic: "backbends and dogs, what more do you need?"

Photo: tanyasizemore Instagram

Touch Your Toes

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Perks of pet yoga: You never know what will get them riled up. Basically, it's the ultimate exercise in concentration. (Cats aren't only into yoga. These 9 Cats Just Can't Get Enough CrossFit.)

Photo: brumerose Instagram

Schnoodlin' On the Beach

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Oscar the Schnoodle looks too perfect perched atop Olivia Oates' downward dog. We see a doggie yoga master in the making.

Photo: oliveoates Instagram


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