This Trainer's IG Live Workouts Have Raised Nearly $1 Million for Charity

His daily livestream Torch’d workouts are keeping people around the world healthy and active — and raising money to feed food-insecure kids.

Isaac Calpito
Photo: Isaac Calpito

"Showing up every day makes me happy," says celebrity trainer and choreographer Isaac Calpito, known as Isaac Boots. He started offering his Torch'd workout on Instagram in March, and over 1,000 viewers were tuning in by the end of the first week. "I was like, I need to amplify this and make it more impactful," says Calpito. He partnered with No Kid Hungry, encouraging those who use the free workouts to make a donation to the charity. In the first four months, he helped raise more than $500,000, and by October, that number had jumped to nearly a million.

Today, about 2,500 people view each Torch'd workout live, and tens of thousands do them later. Calpito's poodle, Davis, often makes an appearance. Many of the trainer's famous clients tune in, including Lisa Rinna, Vanessa Hudgens, and Kelly Ripa. "I've done split livestream workouts with some of them, and we've raised more than $20,000 for No Kid Hungry during each of those," says Calpito. "It's a fun community and a generous community. I'm so thankful for that." Here, he shares what motivates him.

What makes Torch'd so popular?

"During a time that can feel really disconnected and divided, it's a beautiful collection of hearts and minds coming together. We've got housewives, husbands, frontline workers. Ages range from teens to Jessica Chastain's grandmother, who is in her 80s. It's a challenging workout. And it works! Our asses look amazing, and we're doing something great."

Why did you choose No Kid Hungry?

"The idea of a child not knowing where they are getting their next meal is a horrifying reality. Also, I come from very humble means. I grew up on food stamps in Hawaii, and I'll never forget that. Deep down, I'm still that little boy."

You have endless energy. What do you eat to keep going?

"I focus on real food, high protein — mainly fish and chicken — and lots of greens. And I drink a lot of water. I listen to my body. I know if I eat something that will make me feel sluggish, it's just not worth it."

Is creating an inclusive environment for your followers important to you?

"Absolutely. It's everything to me. As a kid, I always felt like an outsider, so I want everybody at the party now. With Torch'd, I've got a community that shows up every day and is excited about doing something good for their bodies and the world. I feel like I've been given the greatest gift." (

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