The trainer's challenge, Step With Jillian, will raise funds to help refugees around the world.

Jillian Michaels posing with arms in hair in a sports bra showing her stomach
Credit: Jones Crow

You probably know Jillian Michaels as a tough-love fitness trainer who's been gracing TV screens, bookshelves, and magazine covers for more than a decade.

Michaels' love for fitness is irrefutable. But when she isn't motivating and empowering people to lead a healthy lifestyle, she spends a lot of her time volunteering and helping others in need. Now, she's merging both of her passions and launching the Step With Jillian fitness challenge, which will raise funds to help refugees around the world⁠.

In an Instagram video, Michaels shared that the challenge involves walking 100 miles over the course of July. Each mile walked raises a dollar with the goal of raising $100 per participant.

If walking 100 miles over the course of a month sounds insane, don't worry. There will be plenty of incentives along the way. For instance, by raising just $15, every participant in the challenge will get free access to Michaels' workout app, "My Fitness by Jillian Michaels" for 31 days, according to a press release. Other incentives will be offered throughout the challenge to help you stay motivated. (Try Michaels' fat-melting bodyweight workout.)

"When you join this challenge, you will not only be making a difference in the lives of refugees, you'll get Jillian as your coach along the way," Anne-Marie Grey, executive director and CEO of USA for UNHCR, said in a statement. "Jillian is providing the resources, information and tools necessary to make social change for refugees something to not only believe in but more importantly, act upon." (Related: Your Abs Will Be Sore Just from Watching This Workout Circuit By Jillian Michaels)

Money raised through the challenge will go directly to Michaels' organization of choice: The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). For those who might not know, the UNHCR is a United Nations program that protects refugees, forcibly displaced communities, and stateless people. The organization also assists in refugees' resettlement.

"It's not political, it's about helping people who desperately need help," Michaels said on Instagram. "We get in shape together but we are also working to raise money to help refugees around the world. Why not get in shape and help people at the same time?"

Interested in signing up? Head over to to learn more.