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Meet Dilys Price, the Oldest Female Skydiver In the World

With over 1,000 dives under her belt, Dilys Price holds the Guinness World Record for the oldest female skydiver in the world. At 82 years old, she's still diving out of a plane and plummeting to the ground at impeccable speeds.

Originally from Cardiff, Wales, Price started skydiving at 54 and remembers her first jump like it was yesterday. "As I fell I thought, what a mistake. This is death! And then the next second I thought, I'm flying!" she told A Great Big Story. "You are a bird for 50 seconds. And can do a barrel roll, you can flip, you can move here, you can move there, you can join up with people. It's unbelievably wonderful. I won't stop till I know it's not safe."

Back in 2013, Price did have a near-death experience when her parachute failed to open mid-dive. It wasn't until she was just 1,000 feet above the ground that her reserve shoot came out, ultimately saving her life. Surprisingly, this experience made her even more of a fearless skydiver.

But she doesn't just do it for the adrenaline high. Price's jumps help raise money for her charity, The Touch Trust. Founded in 1996, the trust provides creative programs for people affected by Autism and learning disabilities. She believes that through diving, she developed the courage needed to run a charity from scratch, which can be extremely difficult. "Most charities fail after three years," she said. "But I knew I had a program that acted for the good of very profoundly disabled people—it made them really much happier, and that thrills me."

Guess you're never too old to do something amazing.


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