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The Most Talked-About Workouts on Twitter

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If the internet is our collective brain, then Twitter is the part that loves talking about our day to random strangers on the bus. So where better to look to find out what workouts people are raving about these days? A recent survey done by Elliptical Reviews, a buyer's guide site to the workout machine, analyzed over 300,000 of our #workout tweets and discovered what we're all doing to get #sweaty. (Or at least what we say we did!) Here are a few interesting things we learned about living the #fitlife in America:

1. Politicians love (to tweet about) working out. Our country's capital tweeted almost twice as much about working out as any other state (despite the fact that Washington D.C. is so small it's not even a state!). Nevada came in a distant second, followed by New Jersey and Texas. There might be a tech disconnect happening, though as the most recent Gallup poll found that Vermont reported the most exercisers, followed by Hawaii, Montana, and Alaska. Perhaps there are just more people in D.C. bringing their phones to the gym? Or maybe it's politicians trying to look extra good for the upcoming election year.

2. Yoga is the most tweeted exercise, taking the number one spot in a list of over 50 activities. Swimming came in second (it is summer, after all!), followed by marathon running, fishing, and hunting. Cycling, hiking, and CrossFit also made the top 10. But just because yoga is the most tweeted fitness activity doesn't mean it's the most popular, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. The BLS survey found walking is the most common exercise, followed by weightlifting, and using cardio equipment. While we believe them, we can totally see how yoga and swimming are more tweet-worthy. After all, we'd much rather look at a picture of your amazing scorpion headstand or your triathlon finish line victory cheer than your stroll around the block with your dog after work. (Case in point: Cool Instagram Photos of Celebrities in Yoga Poses.)

3. Workout preferences really are regional. Where you live does play a big part in how you spend your leisure time. (For instance, a lack of ocean probably crosses surfing off the list for Midwesterners and it's likely that not many Hawaiians snow ski.) In this survey, LA lived up to its West-Coast cool-girl image with Twitter users proclaiming their love for surfing, hiking, skateboarding, barre classes, Frisbee, and, of course, yoga. Conversely, our East-Coast goal-oriented sisters were in it to win it with tweets about competing in marathons, 5Ks, and CrossFit dominating in N.Y.C. And there was a lot of yoga in New York too. People in the middle states varied, but hunting, hiking, running, fishing, and other outdoor activities ruled overall—plus lots and lots of yoga. (See point #2.)

Check out the charts to see how your state compares and then tweet us (!) to let us know your favorite way to workout!


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