Stop throwing away money on a membership you don't use.

By Macaela Mackenzie
Updated: November 09, 2017
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There's a good chance your workouts are pretty diverse: a little lifting at the gym, some yoga at your neighborhood studio, a spin class with your friend, and so on. Only problem? You're probably throwing money away on your monthly gym membership. (Related: 10 Things You're Not Doing at the Gym-But Should Be)

Enter POPiN, a new app that lets you pop into a range of gyms and pay for as little or as long as you want to spend sweating. Don't go; don't pay.

ClassPass and apps like it were supposed to be the answer to the old-school gym membership model, allowing you to try different studios with little commitment. But even the ClassPass method of working out can leave you stressing-say, if you scramble to use all of your classes for the month or don't have enough time for a full class. Therein lies the genius of POPiN, which lets you access different gyms and pay by the minute.

Here's how it works: After downloading the app on your iPhone or Android, POPiN allows you to swipe into a handful of gyms, exercise, and swipe out. No sign-ups, memberships, or limits on how many times you can visit. When you check out, you'll get a receipt in the app and be charged for your workout-no more, no less.

Unlike other flexible workout methods that can run you $30 an hour, POPiN charges $0.26-or less-per minute. That means a 45-minute workout will cost you anywhere between $7 and $12. And we're talking luxury fitness clubs with gorgeous pools and locker room spas.

"We figured out a way to allow consumers to access and utilize beautiful workout spaces whenever they want without a membership or commitment," Dalton Han, CEO of POPiN, told FastCompany. "We're really offering a lifestyle here and not just a treadmill, if you will."

There's one small catch. Currently, POPiN is only available in New York City. But according to FastCompany, the app has plans to expand to the West Coast and other metro areas in 2018.


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