Celebrity personal trainers Kit Rich and Dana Perri's brand new studio brings a whole new meaning to putting a spring in your step

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If you've ever worked out with a trainer, you've probably heard her tell you this: You want to activate every muscle you can. And a big part of that comes down to instability, says celeb trainer Kit Rich. (It's why people use Bosu balls or trampolines to train.)

But we're not all off-season divers with access to a trampoline, and Bosu balls-if you don't use them correctly-can spell injury. So, enter the hot new workout class SHIFT by Dana Perri. It's a new Sherman Oaks, CA fitness studio Rich opened with former cirque du soleil choreographer and celebrity trainer Dana Perri last week, where classes are conducted on spring floors.

There's a method to the madness: Not only does a spring floor support your joints, it also provides that unstable base to better activate your muscles, says Rich. (That's why it's big in gymnastics.) And SHIFT-at $20 a pop-is the first facility in the LA area to incorporate an Olympic spring floor into such a workout. Picture loud music (blaring at 150 beats per minute), cardio blasting, full-body training with 400 springs beneath your feet.

(Rich also knows How Kesha gets in Warrior Shape-she's the pop star's trainer!)

"The moves are a combo of everything that's good about fitness: regular circuit training, weight training, Pilates, and yoga," says Rich. Plus, it's hard. "The muscles are firing up more and you can feel it," says Rich. "But even if you're doing something more high impact, you're being supported. The impact on your joints lessens: It's maximum benefit without the pain." Read: buh-bye, knee pain.

The best part: after 55 minutes, you won't feel that "oh, I should probably go do cardio, or weights (or whatever wasn't in my fitness class) now" feeling. You'll leave feeling like you've done everything you needed to do, says Rich. (And you will have!)

We say kudos to these two ladies teaming up to bring something new and exciting to the fitness world. Plus, SHIFT's website says, "We welcome kindness, encouraging words, and high-fives." What's not to love?

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