The iOS 10 update will finally feature more female-friendly fitness emojis

By Moira Lawler
August 02, 2016

You could say emojis have always had a bit of a diversity problem. It wasn't until last year that Apple rolled out the range of skin color options, and there's still unequal gender representation. Swipe through the emoji keyboard on your iPhone, and you'll spot plenty of emojis with guys being all sorts of athletic. Dude golfer, dude biker, and dude swimmer? Check, check, and check.

But it's 2016, and women are athletic too, dammit! Running USA even estimates that female runners made up 57 percent of all race finishers in 2015, which is a big jump from the 25 percent who crossed finish lines in 1990. Take that, running man emoji.

The good news is Apple is finally getting with the times. The company just announced its iOS 10, which will be available for a free download on iPads and iPhones this fall, will feature more than 100 brand-new and redesigned emojis. The major changes include more female professionals and athletes (because #girlpower), more family options to include single-parent households, a rainbow flag for gay pride, and a green water gun emoji to replace the controversial revolver.

We're most excited about the fitness ones (obvs). The new female runner, swimmer, and cyclist will make it infinitely easier to shoot off a quick status update when you're texting midworkout-or more accurately caption that Instagram photo after you crush a triathlon. The update also will include a female weight lifter, which tells us at least someone over at Apple is hip to the benefits of strength training. Finally, there will be a woman golfing, canoeing, surfing, and playing basketball. Because guys aren't the only athletes around here. Bring it on, iOS 10.

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