Think: Netflix meets Facebook Live, but exclusively for fitness.

By Lauren Mazzo
January 17, 2017
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Do you crave barre, HIIT, and Pilates, but live in a small town that only offers spinning and dance cardio? Do you love group classes but refuse to conform to the limited times available at your go-to studio (5:30 a.m. = too early. 8 p.m. = too late.)?

Yeah, same.

But the newest development in workout tech is about to change your life. FORTË is the live streaming workout platform you've been waiting for, and it's officially available right now. (Speaking of cool tech; Amazon Go is also making grocery shopping way cooler.)

This is different from the scripted, on-demand workout videos you can grab online or the DVDs you've repeated 1,000 times and could quote word for word. FORTË set up cameras and mics in actual high-end studios (like Centered City Yoga in Salt Lake City and TS Fitness in NYC) and live streams real classes directly to you. Miss one? No worries-it goes into a library that you can access anytime, anywhere. (Related: 13 Killer Workouts That Offer Online Streaming)

Tune in on your iPad, laptop, smartphone, or smart TV to take advantage of current studio offerings that include everything from Core Fusion Barre at Exhale to a Beyoncé "Formation" Dance Class by Banana Skirt Productions. You can even sync your Fitbit, Apple Watch, or other wearable to the platform (whether you're at home or in the actual studio), which lets you track your performance on the brand's leaderboards as well as monitor your progress and achievements over time.

The best part? You're never sweating alone. You can watch as real humans do the same workout on the other side of the screen, as well as get the perks of a trainer's in-the-moment, unscripted cueing. It's as close as you can get to being right there in the room-without actually having schlep to the studio or pay $30+ for a single class. (BTW you can also follow Shape on Facebook and do Facebook Live workouts-like this kickboxing class-with us on the reg.)

Although FORTË officially launched in 2015, it's been in beta mode until today-you can now sign up for their subscription model for just $99 for one year (the early-adopter price that's only available for three months) and the first 30 days are free for all new users. After the intro offer expires, subscriptions will be either $39/month or $288/year. (Which, chances are, is way cheaper than your ClassPass or gym membership.)

Technology might be giving us tech neck, messing with our memory, and distorting our self-perception-but, hey, being able to do high-end fitness classes at any place or time is a pretty great trade-off.

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