As part of a new ad campaign, U.S. soccer players Christien Press, Ali Krieger, and Carli Lloyd will launch exclusive workouts in the Nike+ Training Club app

By Charlotte Hilton Andersen

Whether you run marathons fast enough to qualify for Boston or whether you're just trying to make it around the block for the first time, exercising offers immense physical, emotional and mental benefits. But it can be hard to remember that when we're caught up in whether or not we're "fast enough" to call ourselves a runner or drowning in a sea of motivational Pinterest says plastered across rock-hard abs. Thankfully, Nike is starting a new campaign to help women-all women-remember that exercise is worth it and no matter what you do, you'll be #betterforit! [Find out What Makes You a Runner.]

But it's not just a friendly reminder-Nike's #BetterForIt campaign comes complete with complete with a 90-day challenge designed by three U.S. soccer players-Christen Press, Ali Krieger and Carli Lloyd. Each athlete will launch their own workout in the Nike+ Training Club app. Press kicked off the program on April 2 with her Goal Getter workout, and Krieger's will launch in May followed by Lloyd's in June.

The emphasis is on people who are new to fitness, a point made hilariously in their new video that shares every worried thought you've ever had in the gym. The camera follows several women as they try a new sport, reporting their thoughts like, "Oh great, a group of models right in front of me [in spin class], that's motivating" and "Why does there have to be mirrors everywhere?" (from a girl walking onto a weight floor for the first time). By rooting for these fitness newbies to succeed, we're really rooting for all of us.

At the end, Nike reminds us: "Don't let you stop you."

Amen! Because in the end, fitness isn't so much about what you do at the gym, but about what those workouts do for you.

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