By Melissa Pheterson
February 21, 2011

What's the newest way to rev up your sex life? Cardio and core candlelight! KAMA is a new fitness trend that strengthens your core, helps tone your lower body and may just recharge your sex drive. Co-designed by a dancer and a doctor, KAMA uses pelvic tilts, lifts and circles to burn fat and sculpt abs, buns and thighs-while directing serious blood flow to the pelvis for better sex after class. Its co-creator, Halyna Skrypnyk, is a trained ballet dancer who searched in vain for a feel-good class at the gym. "I started leading an informal dance class for my girlfriends," she says. "Once we'd engaged our hips with dance movements, we left class feeling frisky and sexy, with recharged confidence and energy, wanting to go out and have fun."

Working the pelvic muscles not only tones the lower body, but also may prevent incontinence and even boost fertility. "These internal muscles are essential to us women and so often neglected in workouts," she says. "Our core is where our power comes from; how we give birth and make love." Halyna and her fitness partner, Dr. Melissa Herschberg, developed KAMA over three years by combining isometric moves and heart-pumping cardio with deep breathing and a sensual ambiance. With such names as the "serpent," the "butterfly" and the "unicorn," the pelvic contractions "help you transition from your chaotic workday to being a girlfriend, wife or lover," Halyna says.

Next month, KAMA expands from Halyna's native Toronto to Manhattan's Crunch Fitness gym-giving overworked urbanites the chance to fire up their thighs, buns…and libidos. Don't have a KAMA class near you? Here are some KAMA exercises you can do at home.

Eros Part 1

Start with your legs spread apart, feet turned out (this is called the Eros position. Eros is the god of erotic love and sex). Keeping your back straight and abs contracted, squat down and hold position digging your heels into the ground. This works the quads, the inner thighs, and the glutes. Squat up and down slowly doing 10 reps. For an advanced version, lift heels off the ground for the last 5 reps.


Eros Part 2

Staying in Eros position with your knees bent, lean slightly forward with your hands on your knees and then alternate from side to side bending one arm and straightening the other. The upper body is now being worked together with the lower body.



This is Yasmin position. The body looks like it's an inverted Y position; the knees are spread and the feet are close together. The glutes should be contracted and the abs pulled in. Slowly sit back barely touching the bottom of your butt to your heels. This works the quads and inner thighs on the way down. Then slowly rise back up using your quads and glutes and as you approach the top tilt your pelvis forward squeezing your glutes, as if you're squeezing a penny between your buttocks.


Melissa Pheterson is a health and fitness writer and trend-spotter. Follow her on and on Twitter @preggersaspie.