What did you do today?

By Faith Brar
March 28, 2016

In case you weren't feeling motivated to work out today, let us introduce you to Milla Bizzotta. This past Friday, the 9-year-old from South Florida completed the Miami Battlefrog, a 24-hour obstacle course designed by Navy SEALs, becoming the youngest person to have ever competed this intense race.

Weighing in at a mere 56 pounds, the young athlete made her way through six laps, running 36 miles and swimming eight kilometers while conquering innumerable obstacle courses. Excuse us while we pick our jaws up off of the floor.

Believe it or not, this isn't Bizzotta's first rodeo-just last year, she competed in few Spartan races, a 15K Battlefrog and a Down and Dirty-each of which is challenging enough to make grown men cry. She trains with her father, Christian Bizzotto, a gym owner who trains people to compete in obstacle course racing for a living. He trained with Milla for nine months-three hours a day, five days a week-so that they could compete in the Battlefrog together.

But as much as Bizzotta loves pushing physical boundaries, it's the mental aspect of accomplishing such a difficult task that gratifies her the most, she says. Bizzotta, who has been bullied, says she participates in these races with an aim to empower herself and other kids her age to be active and-more importantly-be kinder to each other. "I don't want people to quit because they don't believe in themselves or because someone else says that they can't believe in themselves," Bizzotto told CBS Miami.

We hope her bullies are watching their backs... This is one kid we wouldn't want to mess with!