Viral videos usually make us laugh—but Andia Winslow provides serious fitspiration for how to squeeze a workout in just about anywhere

Andia Winslow

No gym? No problem. Certified trainer and fitness fanatic Andia Winslow proves you can get fit just about anywhere. Her video, which recently went viral, features exercises performed in a New York City subway station and on a train. And though many videos go viral because they're can't-breathe-hilarious or completely outrageous, this one has a pretty straightforward, simple message: There's always an opportunity to fit in exercise.

"A cityscape can be your gym and exercise is anytime," says Winslow. As the video depicts, she takes advantage of the time spent on the platform and on the train by pumping out reps. Pushups or single leg squats on a station bench, pullups on the overhead rails, and stair sprints quickly add up to one total-body, calorie-scorching workout. (Here are the Bodyweight Exercises You Should Be Doing.)

Granted, we wouldn't recommend anyone attempting this on a crowded rush hour train, but you don't have to live in a city with a metro to try this for yourself. Give Winslow's moves a go at a local park using a bench or jungle gym, or break a sweat in the comfort of your own living room by utilizing your couch and a set of stairs in your house or apartment. (Get started with the Power Playground Workout.)