Is the NordicTrack VAULT the New MIRROR?

NordicTrack might be known for treadmills and bikes, but it's officially moving into the smart mirror game now, too.

NordicTrack Vault
Photo: NordicTrack Vault

It shouldn't be too surprising that 2021 is already shaping up to be all about home workouts. Plenty of fitness enthusiasts are continuing to look for new ways to shake up living room sweat sessions as we all ride out the COVID-19 pandemic. To help meet those needs, NordicTrack, a brand typically known for cardio essentials such as treadmills, ellipticals, and bikes, just launched a smart workout mirror — yes, kind of like the buzzy MIRROR device you've probably seen all over your Instagram ads. However, the two definitely aren't one and the same.

NordicTrack describes its smart mirror, called the Vault, as a "complete connected home gym" that combines smart mirror technology with an added bonus: a place to stash your workout equipment when you're done. (

So, at first glance, the Vault is a 60- x 22-inch mirror with a 32-inch HD touchscreen that, similar to the MIRROR, allows you to display and follow along with live and on-demand workouts (except the Vault's workouts are powered by iFit instead of MIRROR).

While the MIRROR can either be mounted or leaned up against a wall, the NordicTrack Vault is a freestanding unit, giving you a little more flexibility in how and where you place it. Granted, with a height of 72.65 inches, a width of 24.25 inches, and a diameter of 14 inches, the NordicTrack Vault does seem considerably bulkier compared to the MIRROR, which measures only 52.6 inches in height, 21.1 inches in width, and just 1.7 inches in diameter.

But the Vault's mirror component also opens up (with 360-degree rotation, no less) to reveal a unique feature you won't find in the MIRROR: a sleek, carbon steel storage space to hold your dumbbells, kettlebells, yoga blocks, resistance bands, and more.

NordicTrack Vault

An even better bonus? While you can get the Vault: Standalone — which includes the mirror, a one-year iFit family membership, storage shelves, and a microfiber cleaning towel, all for $1,999 — you can shell out an extra $1,000 for the Vault: Complete, which includes everything in the Standalone version, and so much more. The Complete comes with an exercise mat, six pairs of dumbbells (ranging from 5 to 30 pounds), three loop resistance bands, three superbands, and additional storage shelves for all your new gear. Pretty sweet, right? (

While the MIRROR has a more affordable base price — the upfront cost of the device is $1,495 (which doesn't include the $39 per month you pay for the accompanying streaming subscription) — the NordicTrack Vault is all about offering interactive home workouts and some extra storage space for your equipment (plus the equipment itself, if you're willing to splurge on the $2,999 Vault: Complete).

In terms of workouts, both versions of the NordicTrack Vault give you access to iFit's vast library of live and on-demand virtual classes and training sessions with just about any workout to fit your mood or help you reach your fitness goals. You can enjoy strength training, yoga, interval training, Pilates, cardio, recovery, and more by using the Vault, plus additional hiking, running, cycling, and rowing programs if you already have any iFit-friendly equipment in your home gym setup. (

The MIRROR similarly offers a wide variety of workouts, including live and on-demand classes for strength training, cardio, different types of dance, Tai Chi, boxing, kickboxing, bootcamp, barre, cardio, and much more. But you also have the option to do one-on-one personal training sessions with MIRROR trainers, starting at $40 for a 30-minute workout — a feature that the NordicTrack Vault doesn't have (at least, not yet).

As far as Bluetooth capability, both the NordicTrack Vault and the MIRROR can sync with audio devices as well as heart-rate monitors if you have a fitness tracker that keeps tabs on your ticker. (ICYMI, this new technology lets your heart rate control your treadmill in real time.)

Bottom line: Both smart mirrors are hefty, though worthy investments for your fitness routine. But if you're starting from square one on your home-gym endeavor, the NordicTrack Vault — particularly the Complete version that comes with the equipment, not just the storage space — might just be the way to go. Both versions of the Vault are available for preorder now, with shipping beginning mid-February.

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