You'll Definitely Want to Tune Into Peloton's New 'All for One' Music Festival This Weekend

They're leveling up their annual event by offering a weekend lineup of classes that rivals IRL music festivals.

Photo: Peloton

After last year's total lack of IRL interactions, you may be clamoring to fill your calendar with as many out-of-the-house events as humanly possible. Well, so sorry to spoil any of your super social plans for this Fourth of July weekend, but Peloton just announced a virtual music festival so massive, you might just want to stay home a little longer.

From July 1-3, Peloton is hosting their annual All for One event — and this year, it's taking the form of a virtual music festival, featuring an array of live and on-demand workouts spotlighting 25 artists and led by more than 40 instructors. (ICYDK, Peloton has hosted "All for One" on July 4th weekend since 2018, when it was a single ride event in which all the bike instructors took turns teaching, and it's evolved over the years since then.)

The brand is already known for its unparalleled music offerings (if you haven't taken all seven Beyoncé-themed classes, what are you waiting for?), but AFO really escalates things, giving you the opportunity to virtually stage-hop through genres and disciplines, with the opportunity to rock out to your favorite artists on the bike, treadmill, floor, and more. (Don't have a Peloton bike? Fake it with one of these best Peloton bike alternatives.)

The lineup is no joke — you'd be hard pressed to find a real-life festival with this kind of variety (and without the long bathroom lines and parking nightmares, no less). The festival's classes include rides, runs, and strength workouts to the sounds of Gwen Stefani, James Blake, Major Lazer, Migos, Pearl Jam, Demi Lovato, Depeche Mode, and so many more. AFO will also mark the triumphant return of vice president of fitness programing and head instructor Robin Arzón, following her maternity leave, with the new mom leading a Daddy Yankee ride and a Doja Cat core strength workout. (

Consider this your cardio and strength Coachella, with featured artists appearing in scheduled time slots. You can plan your festival days using the platform's Stacked Classes feature, creating customized itineraries based on the classes you just can't miss. And considering the lineup, you'll probably find it tough to narrow down your choices (just like a real festival!). If you just can't make up your mind, Peloton has you covered with an instructor-curated stack to keep you busy. (Reminder: If you're not already a Peloton member, you can download the Peloton app to give it a go with a 30-day free trial or with a special summer offer: $13 for your first three months. After that, it's $13/month.)

We're not saying you should cancel all your weekend plans to party with Peloton, but you might want to consider making some time for the fun (or at least bumping the All For One: Music Festival Spotify playlist at your backyard BBQ).

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