Peloton Now Lets You Customize Your Workouts By "Stacking" Your Classes

Fan-favorite instructor Ally Love tells Shape she's stoked about the new feature.

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If you're a Peloton devotee, the platform's ever-growing library of live and on-demand workouts likely keep you coming back day after day, whether you're revisiting your favorite classes or introducing something new to your routine.

Still, having thousands of workout classes at your fingertips can feel a little overwhelming, much like when you're scrolling through your favorite streaming app looking for something to watch and end up giving up an hour later.

Thankfully, the geniuses at Peloton are making it easier than ever to tailor your workout experience to fit your preferences. The brand just launched a new feature called Stacked Classes that allows you to custom-build a playlist of workouts and smoothly transition from one Peloton class to the next without losing momentum. (Make sure you add one of Peloton's Beyoncé-themed classes to your stack.)

In a blog post announcing the new feature, Peloton explained that Stacked Classes were "consistently one of the top requests made through [the brand's] social and support channels."

The new feature couldn't be easier to use — simply click on a class you want to add to your stack and press the "stack" button, which will add it to your list. For a speedier option in preview mode, you can long-press the class thumbnail, which instantly adds it to your stack. (

You'll see your stack in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen on the desktop version, or the top of the screen on other versions. There you'll be able to preview your lineup and make any changes, including switching up the order or removing individual classes. Currently, you can add up to 10 on-demand classes (live classes can't be added just yet) to your stack with the option for one stack at a time. So on days when you want to pair a cycling class with a strength class before cooling down with a stretch, you'll be able to do so seamlessly and waste no time trying to find the perfect class to fit your mood and time preferences. (

Peloton Stacked Classes

The only downside is that, as of now, you can't create Stacked Classes through the Peloton app. Instead, you can use the feature with the most recent software updates on the Bike, Tread, or while using Peloton on your desktop or laptop, then access your stack from the app after it was created on the web platform or one of your Peloton devices — which means you'll be able to use it on iOS devices, Apple TV, the Android mobile app, Android TV, Amazon Fire devices, and on the desktop version.

Even top Peloton instructors are excited about it. Fan-favorite instructor Ally Love tells Shape she's stoked about the new feature. "I think it's quite beautiful being able to not only have variety, but put it in a place where it's all set and done, it runs seamlessly, and it works for you," especially if you like to switch up your training without wasting time trying to find exactly what you're looking for, she says.

Ready to get started? Here are the best Peloton workouts to add to your stack, according to reviewers.

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