In case you needed an excuse to finally take up yoga.

By Faith Brar
December 13, 2017

Yoga now comes in many furry forms. There's cat yoga, horse yoga, and goat yoga. And thanks to a gym in Canada, we can add bunny yoga to the growing list. (Related: Why Is Everyone Doing Yoga With Animals?)

Sunberry Fitness in Richmond, British Columbia, first started holding bunny yoga classes in 2015 to raise money for the charity Bandaids for Bunnies-a nonprofit for abandoned rabbits. The brilliant idea didn't catch the internet's attention at the time, but the concept went viral after the gym posted a video of the class on Facebook. It's been watched over 5 million times.

A new set of classes will be offered starting in January for everyone looking to get a jump-start on their New Year's resolutions while contributing to a great cause.

Bandaids for Bunnies was formed after Richmond began experiencing a rabbit overpopulation crisis caused by people leaving their bunnies on the streets (since the animals are domesticated, they don't know how to survive in the wild).

Sunberry Fitness owner Julia Zu caught wind of this problem through one of her gym members and decided to help. She started offering yoga classes featuring rescued bunnies and encouraged people to adopt them.

"[The bunnies] made a lot of friends and we got a lot of interest in adoptions and fosters," she told Canada's Metro newspaper. "We take rabbits that we know are going to be a good experience for the class."

Each class holds up to 27 members with 10 adoptable rabbits hopping around in the room. If adoption isn't an option, you can rest easy knowing that the $20 you pay for the class all goes toward sheltering and taking care of the bunnies.


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