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These Photos Will Make You Wanna Try Cat Yoga Immediately

Sweet Savasana

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The only thing that could make Savasana better would be a purring cat on your stomach. Exhibit A: This cat snuggled up at the end of a class at Cat Therapy in Santa Barbara, CA.

Photo: Instagram @cattherapysb

Tiny Visitor

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We're falling hard for this kitten that made an appearance during a yoga class at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington, VA.

Photo: Instagram @awlaarlington

Yogi Cat

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At Meow Parlour in New York, "Yoga & Kitties" sessions include 30 minutes of playtime with cats and an hour of yoga. (Watch what happened when Girl with No Job and Boy with No Job tried a class there.) Here's a shot of a cat stretching out mid-session. Clearly, this wasn't her first class.

Photo: Instagram @meowparlour

Downward-Facing Cat

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This moment captured at Good Mews in Atlanta makes cat yoga look like the ultimate in stress relief. (No time for a full class? De-stress in four minutes with this yoga routine.)

Photo: Instagram @goodmewscats

Cuddle Buddies

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The only downside of practicing yoga with cats? Cat naps right in the middle of your flow. We'd guess this precious moment at El Gato Coffeehouse in Houston was well worth it.

Photo: Instagram @elgatocoffeehouse

Standing Proud

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This kitten at Flow Space in Gainesville, FL, is totally posing for the 'gram. (Related: Why Is Everyone Doing Yoga with Animals?)

Photo: Instagram @flowspacegnv

Willpower Test

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Boat pose is difficult to hold. It's even more difficult when all you want to do is pet this cat at the Blue Cat Café in Austin, TX.

Photo: Instagram @thebluecatcafe_austin

Cat Party

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Judging by this swarm, the cat-to-human ratio is just right at Barista Cats Café in Auckland, New Zealand.

Photo: Instagram @baristacats

Prospective Pets

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If a kitten runs through your forward fold, like in this scene at the Potter League for Animals in Middletown, RI, you might have a hard time not taking it home. No worries; many yoga sessions at shelters and cat cafés feature cats that are up for adoption.

Photo: Instagram @potterleague

Fun and Games

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At the Catcade in Chicago where this snap was taken, you can chill with cats, do some yoga, and play arcade games, all in one place.

Photo: Instagram @thecatcade


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