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Hilarious Political Signs from the 2016 NYC Marathon

Emojis FTW

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Because sometimes emojis are the only way to get a NSFW point across. This marathon supporter gets major points for creativity. (Want more sign shenanigans? These were our favorites from the 2016 SHAPE/MORE Half Marathon.)

Photo: @kikilarue Instagram

Ballot Time

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Running 26.2 miles is no easy feat—neither is choosing the next prez. Sorry marathoners, crossing the finish line only ends one of those battles.

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Race Pride

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Even if you didn't PR, running a race better than the 2016 presidential candidates is something that every marathoner can be proud of (at least in this guy's POV).

Photo: @krugiesara Instagram

We Will Survive

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When it comes to the marathon—and the election—sometimes it's more about survival than smooth sailing. Both are easier when you have someone to provide some comic relief.

Photo: @samanthajaneagram

Moving Motivation

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Who says signs are only for spectators? This runner chose to make a statement to anyone she passed. #GirlPower.

Photo: @quistyle Instagram

Double Trouble

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Sometimes, just one sign isn't enough—and neither is your fave candidate's lead in the polls.

Photo: @jivana_musicartlife Instagram

Canada Bound

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Good news: If people start fleeing for Canada, all you marathoners have a serious advantage. Poutine, anyone? (More funny marathon signs, right here.)

Photo: @garrett.brooklynrider

Go Both Ways

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Can't decide who to vote for? Neither can this sign. It's either nasty women crushed the NYC marathon or old white guys making America fast again.

Photo: @swimsteph120 Instagram

Puppies + Presidental Candidates

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These signs get two bonus points for positivity—supportive Hillz vibes and puppies.

Photo: @supphil Instagram

Simple Yet Effective

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No fancy sign decor needed; just some neon, black marker, and some intense motivation. (If you'd rather a race be wacky, sign up for one of these wild races.)

Photo: @vafata Instagram

Fighting for the Finish

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Not only do nasty women run hard, but they finish first—at least according to this Cubs fan and Hillary supporter.

Photo: @hsherman1

Trash Talk

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Truer words have never been spoken.

Photo: @alphelionandon Instagram

Props to You

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Forget all those people passing you—in the eyes of this marathon supporter, you're already won the race. (Use these running tips to make sure of it.)

Photo: @shannnimal Instagram

Scare Tactics

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Sometimes fear fuels the fire—at least in this fan's mind. (And if you're wondering about literal marathon fuel, we've got your marathon nutrition guide covered too.)

Photo: Amanda Wolfe


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