Proper Sweatiquette for ClassPass and Fitness Booking Services

You've forgone your gym membership for fitness classes via ClassPass or another workout booking service. Make the most out of each studio experience

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Class booking services like ClassPass, FitReserve, and Athlete's Club give you access to more fitness studios than you could dream of-the ultimate gym membership for group class lovers. But there are a few things you need to know before you start dropping on every studio within ten miles of your home, so that you, your fellow athletes, and the studios are in for a win-win situation. (Check out these Luxury Fitness Services We Wish We Could Afford.)

Dial up before you dial in: Every studio is different-don't expect towels, showers, or even locker rooms at each location. And since many of the studios on booking services are small local spots, some don't have the fancy amenities offered at big gyms. That's not always a bad thing. But those smaller studios most likely do offer a more personalized deskside manner. Aside from amenities, ask if you need to wear anything special for the particular class you're taking. There's nothing worse than signing up for a barre class and realizing you didn't bring the required grippy socks!

Set your alarm an hour ahead: Your first time trying out a new studio should be exciting, not stressful. Give yourself plenty of time to get there and account for missed subways, long red lights, and endless Starbucks lines. Arrive at least 10 minutes early to give yourself time to figure out how the lockers work (seriously, some are pretty high tech), set up for class (no one wants to be that girl weaving in and out of a room full of people doing jumping jacks so she can grab her dumbbells), and fill out any paperwork (yes, it's a drag, but you're only protecting yourself).

If you love it, buy a package: Classpass lets you take up to 3 classes per month at the same studio; after that you have to try something new (that's the idea, after all). But if you fall hard for the Pilates reformer or dig your instructor's playlists, show your support by purchasing a package of classes for that studio. Signing on to a booking service helps small studios gain exposure, but in order to stay competitive and give you the best service, they also need to sign on new, regular clients.

Book in advance, cancel in advance: Have you ever been waitlisted for a class, then canceled your dinner plans when your name came off the list, only to find that there five open bikes when you actually got to the studio? Online booking platforms have made working out much easier by giving you the luxury to plan ahead and schedule in advance, but allow others the luxury of taking your spot if you're not going to show. By canceling well in advance, you give people on the wait list time to pack their gym bag. (Make Weight Loss a Group (Class) Effort.)

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