Plus, clients were able to adopt a puppy for free if they were looking for a furry friend at home.

By Faith Brar

We could go on and on about how amazing dogs are. Not just because of their unconditional love but also because of all the physical and mental benefits that come along with owning a canine pal. That's why it comes as no surprise that they've inspired one of the most adorable workout trends ever: Puppy Pilates. (And ICYWW, workouts with goats and bunnies exist too.)

Earlier this week, a boutique studio called Cisco Pilates in Asheville, NC, announced that they were joining forces with Asheville's Humane Society to create a workout class featuring dozens of puppies-all for a good cause.

For just $10 each, dozens of people spent an hour sculpting their bodies while adorable puppies wandered around, looking for cuddles and sometimes even climbing all over them. Seriously, where do we sign up?

All the proceeds from the fundraiser went directly to the Humane Society. Even better? The organization waived the adoption fees for the puppies who came to class, so clients could go to a workout and leave with a new furry best friend for free.

The two Pilates with puppies classes the studio offered were both unsurprisingly sold out, so we can only hope for a class three (and four and five) to pop up on our Instagram feeds soon.

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January 13, 2019
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