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Reinvent Your Gym Routine: 7 New Exercise Classes that Get You Revved

Kangoo Jumps at Gold's Gym in Woodbridge, Virginia

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Imagine an aerobics class—complete with leg lifts and dance moves choreographed to high-energy beats—in which you're wearing a pair rollerblade-like boots with springs instead of wheels. This trend is springing up at clubs like Gold's Gym and Crunch. You can purchase the "low-impact rebound sports shoes" and learn more at Kangoo Jumps.

Hoop-Ercise at Total Woman Gym & Day Spa

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What goes around, comes around—at least when it comes to hula-hooping your way into shape, the latest trend at this California chain of gyms catering to women. The class hoops are heavier—about 1.5 lbs—than the old-school toy-store variety in order to provide resistance while you twirl. Or get your own hoop and do it at home.

AntiGravity® Yoga 'Wings' at Crunch

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Calling all wannabe trapeze artists! This innovative new class takes yoga off the mat and into a hammock. The suspension helps you maneuver more easily into challenging positions—such as inverted poses—and hold them longer, so you can "to relieve compressed joints and align the body from head to toe," according to the gym.

Strike Force at Urban Active Fitness

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Participants use two-foot wooden sticks as they work through seven core movements. Based on Irish Stick Fighting, this non-contact class mimics contact with "attack" moves. The interval workout is easy to follow but intense and "very empowering," says Wendy Jett, class creator and corporate group fitness director.

ViPR at Equinox Fitness Clubs

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A new Equinox exclusive, ViPR—which stands for Vitality, Performance and Re-Conditioning and is pronounced "viper"—is a whole-body workout in which participants use a hollow rubber tube with handles for a variety of exercises including lifting, squatting and lunging. Equinox currently offers ViPR workouts to personal training clients; group classes will begin in January 2011.

Mixed Combat Arts at Life Time Fitness

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Mixed Combat Arts are growing in popularity at this gym chain. "And not just with men—our classes are primarily filled with women ages 24 to 40-plus," notes spokesperson Karen Jayne Leinberger. Members choose from boxing conditioning (includes punching and footwork drills), Muay Thai Kickboxing (a conditioning class that includes kicks, footwork and counter striking techniques) and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (a self defense system that builds balance and flexibility) classes.

Zenergy at Rebook Sports Club/NY and The Sports Club/LA - Boston and The Sports Club/LA - Upper East Side (NYC)

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Launching in September, the club's newest signature class is a sequence of yoga poses (such as Warrior One) and dynamic athletic movements (like a rear curtsy lunge or plyometric move), intended to give you a balanced mind body experience. Coming to the club's Miami, San Francisco and D.C. locations in January 2011.


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