The perfect way to level up your lazy movie day.

By Faith Brar
September 03, 2020
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Regardless of your age or whether you have kids, a Disney movie marathon is always a good idea. But if you need something to snap you out of a couch coma in the middle of your movie binge, runDisney — which organizes marathons at Walt Disney parks — just debuted a perfect solution.

runDisney launched a series of new cross-training workouts, each of which is themed to a Disney movie you can stream on Disney+. Disclaimer: The workouts are geared toward runners who might be training for virtual races, especially the Disney World Marathon, which has been postponed to early 2021. But pretty much anyone can crush these high-intensity moves for a creative heart-pumping workout. (Related: Why runDisney Races Are Such a Big Deal)

The first movie on runDisney's workout lineup: The Little Mermaid. "What better way to flip your fins and get your body moving than with this at-home…oh what's that word again? WORKOUT!," reads a witty runDisney blog post.

The workout includes five exercises that are meant to be done during different moments in the film.

First up? Wall sits. Get ready to sink into the move while Prince Eric and his crewmen belt out the song "Mysterious Fathoms Below". While a simple exercise, wall sits are a total quad burner. They're deceptively challenging and great for building isometric strength and endurance. (Related: The Up-Against-the-Wall Workout)

Next on the lineup are jumping jacks. Prepare to boost your heart rate with 15 reps of the cardio move every time Flounder acts like a guppy.

Following that, take it down to the mat for 15 (very on-theme) clamshells every time Sebastian acts crabby (which, if you recall, is pretty much all the time). Clamshells are not only a great thigh-toning exercise, but they also target your glutes and hips.

Your next workout cue: Every time Prince Eric plays the flute, drop down into a plank — aka one of the best core exercises out there — and hold it until he finishes playing (don't worry, he only plays in short increments throughout the movie).

You better believe runDisney saved the best (or perhaps worst) exercise for last: burpees. Whether you hate them or love them (or love to hate them), burpees are an extremely effective way to burn calories and build both upper- and lower-body strength. For your runDisney workout, you'll be doing five burpees every time you see a dinglehopper — aka the fork, one of Ariel's most prized treasures. (Can't stand regular burpees? Try one of these burpee substitutes instead.)

Once you've crushed this killer cross-training workout, head over to runDisney's Training portal for tips from former Olympian and trainer Jeff Galloway. And in the meantime, keep your eye on runDisney's blog for more themed workouts that'll level up your lazy movie day.