Yes, there is even a black toenail emoji—we know you were wondering.

By Charlotte Hilton Andersen
Updated: October 07, 2016

Splits. PRs. Runner's tummy. Bonking. If you're a runner, you're probably familiar with this sport-specific inside language. Now you can have your own way of texting as well. A new app, Runmoji, offers a set of adorable emojis designed by runners for runners so you can keep those conversations about last weekend's race going without having to hunt for the one emoji that kinda, sorta, allllmost looks like a running shoe. (We're still over here waiting for these new fitness emojis to launch finally.)

The just-released app uses a special characters keyboard featuring 28 realistic and humorous emojis than run the gamut of all-too-real running experiences. For starters, the app comes with both boy and girl runners (raised hands "hallelujah" emoji!) in a variety of skin tones rather than the standard unisex yellow blob. But it's the details of the emojis and all the hilarious options that make it really fun. There's a jogging stroller to represent all the running moms (and dads) out there. There's a cute dog for women who love to jog with their furry friend. And there's an assortment of adult beverages for runners who like to relax post-run with a drink in hand. Hey, you earned it after those intervals. (This woman took it one step further and combined her workout with her wine drinking.)

But the real stroke of genius is the hilarious way the app sums up common running milestones. There are emojis for a runner's high, a porta-potty (with smelly fumes and everything), an emoji for hitting the wall, a race bib, a new shoe box, a finish line, and-wait for it- a black toenail. The keyboard even has a tiny emoji picture of bloody nipples for all the guys who have totally "been there." And the best part: The app is free! Yep, you can text sports bras and black toenails to your friends day and night now (and spare them the real-life-toenail-falling-off pictures) without spending a dime.

"As runners ourselves, we know how iconic and specific the sights, milestones, and feelings runners encounter are," said Ellen Donahue, director of marketing for Fleet Feet Sports, the company behind Runmoji, in a press release. She adds that her team wanted to create something that would accurately represent those everyday experiences of runners in a fun and meaningful way. We'd say they succeeded.

The app is available for free now in the Apple App Store and a rep for the company says an Android version should be available soon.


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