The sketch shows prospective cycling instructors on a mission to prove their energy levels.

By Faith Brar
October 16, 2019
Credit: SNL

SoulCycle promises a full-body workout via "indoor cycling reinvented." It's been labeled a cult, obsession, and even therapy, so it comes as no surprise that Saturday Night Live had to put its own spin (pun fully intended) on the cycling phenomenon.

In a recent sketch, SNL takes its audience inside a SoulCycle class held specifically for prospective instructors on a mission to prove their energy levels. ICYDK, instructors at SoulCycle are infamous for motivating large groups of people through uplifting sayings and encouraging words. While some are masters at the art and could probably author a self-help book, others are, well, just not built for the task—which is exactly what SNL pokes fun at in this sketch.  (Related: SoulCycle Meets Broadway with New "Hamilton"-Inspired Classes)

The prospective instructors include comedian Bowen Yang, who plays Flint ("like the water," he says in the sketch), a cycling enthusiast auditioning to become the newest SoulCycle instructor in "White Harlem." Flint says he's all about living life with no regrets and would have totally saved Abraham Lincoln from dying if he'd been there at the time. (Related: Woman Sues SoulCycle After Being "Shamed" for Slowing Down)

Next up is Stranger Things' David Harbour as Deacon, a man who has "an addiction to pushing himself" and lost his leg because a lumberjack thought it was a tree trunk.

Actress Heidi Gardner plays Trix, a woman who was bullied in high school because she was "too tall," "too pretty," and wasn't a model—"yet," she adds in the sketch.

Last but not least, Kate McKinnon plays Kyle, a woman who got into cycling after being kicked out of Scientology for being "too lazy."

Watch the sketch below to see the hilarity go down in its entirety:


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