Because the couple that sweats together stays together, right?

By Kylie Gilbert
November 03, 2016

Gone are the days of only being able to milk your wedding guests for sheets and blenders in celebration of your union. Now, couples can register for workout classes thanks to a newly launched partnership between SoulCycle and modern e-commerce wedding registry company Zola.

Here's how it works: Couples can choose to add packages of 20 or 30 SoulCycle classes to their online registry-as well as the famous yellow bike itself. (It runs a cool $2,200, so maybe hit up your wealthy aunt or take advantage of Zola's group-gifting option where guests can contribute to high-priced items.) As soon as the couple receives the gift (let's say for their wedding shower) they can start signing up for classes immediately, so they can get fit together in the months before the walk down the aisle or sweat out any pre-wedding jitters. (If you prefer to work out solo, try this Tone It Up wedding workout from recent bride Karena Dawn.)

Why merge the traditional registry with fitness classes? Well, as Jennifer Spector, Zola's director of brand strategy, explains, "Couples want to register for experiences they can share together that will help them look and feel their best on the big day, whether that's a Spinning class or hiking gear." Spector says that fitness is already one of their most in-demand categories, and one Zola survey of more than 900 couples (recently engaged duos and newlyweds) found that 70 percent pumped up their fitness routine before their wedding day. The same survey also revealed that more than half of couples work out together on a regular basis anyway. (Looking for more ways to break a sweat together? Try this total-body workout that's sure to get your heart rate up.)

And it seems that all those spinners who worship at the SoulCycle wheel are already taking advantage of this new opportunity. Spector says the company has been "blown away" by the number of couples who had added SoulCycle to their registries just one day after the new option became available (Nov. 1).

The next big question: When will someone invent a SoulCycle registry for single girls trying to get fit for their friends' weddings?