Because traditional squats are so overrated.

By Faith Brar
May 31, 2017

It's no secret that dogs make the best workout buddies. For starters, you can count on them to never cancel your workout date at the last minute. And they never complain or whine while going up a really tough hill. But more importantly, they've been known to lower your risk of diabetes, are good for your heart health, and encourage you to be more social. (Related: Funny Dog Photos That Will Inspire You to Hit the Gym)

Now, Instagram users are finding a fun new way to get fit with furry pals all within the comfort of their homes, and they're posting pics with the hashtag #SquatYourDog.

Fitness influences and workout fiends alike are using the trendy hashtag that prompts people to tone the junk in their trunk with a little help from their pups-no matter how big or small they may be.

While fitness influencer Alyssa Greene made squatting her 70-pound Labrador retriever seem like a breeze, powerlifter @kodi_fitness quickly realized that lifting her "very scared, very heavy" pup was much harder than she'd thought. (Related: 12 Ways To Spice Up Your Squats for Better Results)

At the end of the day, endless repetitions of up-and-down squats can get pretty boring (but don't let your form slip!). So what better way to change things up than throwing your adorable pets into the mix? Odds are they're probably grateful for the extra attention.

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