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SUP Yoga Instagrams That Will Inspire You to Float Your Flow

Like Nature, Like Yogi

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Looking for some asana inspiration? Look no further than the nature around you—like Rachel Brathen, aka @yoga_girl, and these flamingos. Although, we'd bet the birds wouldn't look that good balancing on a paddleboard! (Before you try any poses, you need this Beginner's Guide to SUP.)

Photo: @yoga_girl Instagram

Mountain Pose, Reinvented

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Regular mountain pose might be a classic, but we like this Brazilian yogi's mountain imitation better.

Photo: @supyoga Instagram

Palm Trees or Skyscrapers?

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This snapshot of SUP yoga on the Hudson River in New York City is proof that you don't need a tropical setting to get your SUP on. However, you might think twice about attempting a paddleboard handstand; falling in that water isn't quite the same as in the Caribbean.

Photo: @supyoganyc Instagram

Picture-Perfect Pigeon

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Pigeons might normally fly, but in SUP yoga, they float. This yogi stretches her way into a perfect King Pigeon Pose in picturesque Norway. (Want more travel porn? Follow these amazing Instagram accounts.)

Photo: @ckkristiansen2 Instagram

It's All About Balance

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Think headstands are hard on the ground? Try one on a paddleboard, like this yogi in Dillon, Colorado. (Master the pose with our how-to guide.)

Photo: @annawendz Instagram

Ice-Cold Motivation

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Not all SUP yoga happens in summer-like temps; this yogi proves you can do it decked out in a heavy coat and boots. The ice-cold water of Cultus Lake in British Columbia is all the more reason to nail your balances. (Scared of om-ing in the cold? These "snowga" Instagrams will change your mind.)

Photo: @supyogakristy Instagram

Get Bendy

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This yogi bends her way into a beautiful forearm headstand variation in Great Bend, Oregon. (Bonus points for getting her SUP yoga on in a place with a punny yoga name.)

Photo: @goodtigeryoga Instagram

A New View

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That southern Florida water doesn't look so bad to fall into. SUP yoga necessities for the sun: backwards hat and white sunglasses you won't miss if they fall overboard.

Photo: @_misselisa_ Instagram


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Forget solo yoga—SUP yoga looks better when you roll, er, float, deep. Brathen is back at it again on the paddleboard, this time, teaching the class.

Photo: @Yoga_Girl

The Tipping Point

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This yogi is pretty precariously perched on the edge of her board—but looks insanely zen. What else could you expect from a forearm headstand with ~eagle~ legs?

Photo: @mypaddleboard Instagram

Sunset-Style SUP

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The only thing better than SUPing under the sun? SUPing under the sunset. Add four matching upward plank poses and you have the perfect heart-opening yoga 'gram.

Photo: @patrasyoga Instagram

Poses That Rival the Scenery

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Yogi Sjana Elise masters a flawless forearm headstand variation even more beautiful than the deep blue below her.

Photo: @fit_food_relax_retreat Instagram

But It's Better with a Buddy

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One way to make SUP yoga even more fun (and to really increase your chance of getting wet): add a partner! One pose to try: this stacked downward dog/one-legged dog variation. (First, get your SO to try this partner yoga sequence, then advance to SUP.)

Photo: @chirzuru Instagram

The Ultimate Post-Flow Relaxation

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Pair savasana with the gentle rocking of a paddleboard on calm water, and you have the recipe for a perfect post-yoga nap. After this, studio-style savasana will never compare.

Photo: @lynnyannyoga Instagra.


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