Get Ready for More Heavy Lifting with the Latest Sweat App Updates

The fitness brand created by Kayla Itsines just added two more trainers and programs to their platform.

Get Ready for More Heavy Lifting with the Latest Sweat App Updates

Kayla Itsines' SWEAT app has been taking the fitness world by storm ever since its debut in 2015. With more than 40 million dedicated users worldwide, it comes as no surprise that the platform was named the "Apple TV App of the Year"-and it's continuing to evolve in amazing ways. (

When it first became available for purchase, SWEAT only featured Kayla Istines' infamous Beach Body Guide (BBG), a 12-week program that focused predominantly on plyometric and bodyweight movements. Since then, however, it's launched BBG Stronger, which adds gym equipment to her workouts, Find Your Power (PWR), a weight-training program from trainer Kelsey Wells, and Body and Mind (BAM), featuring yoga-inspired movements by Sjana Elise that help you find your center and get the most out of your workouts. (

Now, SWEAT is introducing two more trainers into the mix for an even greater workout selection. First up is Chontel Duncan, the founder of HIIT Australia, who you might also recognize for having a six-pack while pregnant. Her new 12-week-long program dubbed Fierce will feature a combination of training styles including high intensity, resistance, and strength-based training.

"Fierce combines weightlifting and high-intensity workouts with my love for Muay Thai boxing, and offers a holistic approach to improving all areas of fitness," Duncan said in a press release. "Each session is designed to improve mental and physical strength, encouraging women to take control of their life, find their fierce, and push the boundaries on what they think they can achieve."

And then there's Stephanie Sanzo, a powerlifter and mom-of-two, who will be heading up SWEAT's new Build program that will introduce heavy lifting to the Sweat community for those looking for more hard-core workouts. (

"Combining elements from the styles of training I love most-powerlifting and bodybuilding-Build is a gym-based program incorporating machine weights, free weights, resistance bands, and bodyweight exercises," Sanzo said in the release. "Through Build, I want to encourage women to focus on progressing to a new level of conditioning each week while helping them feel empowered and find joy in setting and achieving goals they never thought they could." (Speaking of goals, have you signed up for our 40-Day Crush-Your-Goals Challenge with Jen Widerstrom?)

Here's the thing about fitness programs: It's really tough to build one that's truly one-size-fits-all. But with these new additions, SWEAT is able to provide even more flexibility and variety to help users reach their health and fitness goals-regardless of what those goals might be.

Want to get a head start on the whole New Year's resolution thing? Both Fierce and Build are now live on the SWEAT app exclusively-which you can download for $19.99/month or $119.94/year.

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