We blame Adidas for #TheJacket

You know where you were when it happened: the moment you first saw #TheDress. You may still have PTSD over the way your mind played you. You may still have heated arguments about it with your friends. You probably thought you had escaped when "The Science Behind #TheDress" articles stopped popping up on your newsfeed and circulating in your group chats.

But it's far from over. Exactly one year later (yes, really), there's a new Dressgate-and this time, it's a seemingly-harmless Adidas jacket. (Which we're obviously pumped about, because #fitness.) It all started with a Tumblr post, and immediately escalated (as the breaking of the internet usually does).http://wondirwin.tumblr.com/post/140009149046/poppunkblogger-dammitmichael

Buzzfeed already has a poll going: Most people see blue and white, others see black and brown, some see green, and some are running away screaming. But you know what we see? Inspiration to dig out all your Adidas gear and wear it to the gym. What better way to work out that residual anger from arguing endlessly about what color a picture is? (Try this 8-Minute Total-Body HIIT Workout to get your frustration out, fast.)

And if you really can't rest until you understand this phenomenon, revert back to the science: the poor image quality, ambiguity and lack of context make it hard for your brain to process the colors. But guys, it's blue. (Deep breaths. And if you still can't calm down, try this End-Of-Day Yoga Flow.)