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There's Now Officially a Pokémon Go Workout

If you've been spending most of your time at training your Pokémon at the Pokémon Go gym, listen up. A dedicated user of the app has created a workout routine to go along with the new alternate-reality game so that you and your Pokémon can train together.

Cody Garrett, a police officer in South Carolina and dedicated Pokémon fan, launched Poke Fitness over the weekend with a fellow police officer and professional bodybuilder, Will Washington, to help game users stay fit while trying to catch 'em all. (Here are 30 Easy Ways to Burn 100+ Calories Without Even Trying.)

"There have been so many posts online of people saying, 'I haven't walked this far in years, I'm actually starting to lose weight from catching Pokemon'," Garrett told FOX Carolina. "So I figured to take it that step further, you know, and add some interval training exercises in there."

So far, the website features three workouts based on catching Pokémon and visiting Poké Stops while doing various exercises like lunges, burpees, squats, and yoga poses. Instructions include doing 10 squats every time you catch a Pokémon you already own, jog or bike until you catch 20 Pokémon, or do 10 burpees every time a Pokémon crosses your path (which, depending on where you live, could really add up). There's also a cool down involving yoga and walking.

While a few burpees and squats may sound easy if you work out regularly already, the real challenge is relying on a Pokémon to pop up and allow you to stop your set, instead of a stopwatch. A Snorlax doesn't care if you're tired after 50 air lunges!

Players are already logging miles to reach Poké Stops and capture Pokémon, but the Poke Fitness program has some users turning Pokémon training gyms into outdoor workout spots. Now, if only there was a way to get more game experience points by successfully completing a workout.


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