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These Disney Princess Workout Quotes Serve Up Some Serious #RealTalk

High Pony, Higher Standards

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It's not me; it's you and your lack of muscles.

Fairy Godmother ~Widsom~

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Keep doing squats, and some day your prince booty will come. (Here are 16 Squat Variations That Will Workout Your Butt Off.)

Rise & Grind

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A Disney princess needs her beauty (and recovery) sleep. After all, it's super important for weight loss.

The Key to a Fit Girl's Heart

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Nothin' but Nikes. And snacks.

Gainz Parade

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You don't work your ass off in the gym just to hide those muscles, right? (Enter: crop tops that show off your six-pack.)

Stairs Post-Leg Day? Yeah, Right

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Excuse me, prince? Carry me please.

*All the Proteins*

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Your muscles are hungry and you know exactly what they want. (Also, maybe some ice cream.)


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Chicken legs? No, thanks. Let's get squatting, dude.

Princess? Yes. Cardio Queen? No.

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No Heels, No Problems

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Because what is life without deadlifts? (Get it right to get the best results.)

The Real Motivation

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What are legs for, if not to squat? (This is getting deep, you guys.)

Can't Get Enough

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You can never, ever have too many fitness things. The limit does not exist.


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