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These Slacklining Instagrams Will Remind You to Work On Your Core Stability


What Is Slacklining?

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Picture this: There's a narrow rope tied between two sturdy trees. These trees are on either side of a deep canyon. Now you're standing at the end of this rope and start to walk, trying to maintain your balance, so as not to fall down said canyon. We know what you're thinking: "How?!" or maybe "Why?!" Meet slacklining. What started as a way for mountain climbers to get from one point to another has turned into a real-deal sport, with death-defying heights and incredible views to go along with the insane balance skill.

Similar to the tightrope walking that you see during a Cirque du Soleil show, slacklining takes that act to a whole new level and terrain. A slackline rope is significantly less taut, which makes it more bouncy and wobbly. Whether on top of a cliffside or just between two poles in the park, you can find a lot of slackliners testing their balance with yoga moves and difficult transitions while on the line. While any show of this level of core stability is impressive, we rounded up some of the most insane and scenic slacklining pictures that will really make you want to work on your plank next time you hit the gym.

Photo: @slacklarsen/Heather Larsen

Hanging High

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Don't worry. Slackliners, even professionals like Heather Larson, always wear a harness. They aren't always hanging upside down hundreds of feet above the world, though. This pro is no joke and neither is the view. (For a different kind of balance work, check out trainer Anna Victoria's favorite moves to combat muscle imbalances.)

Photo: @slacklarsen/Heather Larsen

A Different Kind of Sightseeing

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There's nothing worse than pushing your way through a crowd of tourists. This athlete fixes the dilemma by deciding to hang out above it all. Kimberly Weglin shows off her bow pose during the Urban Highline Festival that takes place in Lubin, Poland, every year.

Photo: @_kimw_/Kimberly Weglin

Water Sports

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Talk about OMG views. Here, Laura Sadler, all-around adventurer (she also skydives and BASE jumps) takes her slacklining to the water surrounding the Dubai skyline. The skyscrapers behind her are Instagram gold.

Photo: @laura__sadler/Laura Sadler

Slackline Yoga

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This is what you call falling off the slackline on purpose. How else could you set yourself upside down in your favorite yoga pose? This fearless athlete is holding one-legged king pigeon pose like a pro. (Looking for more fearless fitness with a view? Check out these wild fitness photos from some of the scariest places on earth.)

Photo: @baguibagui/Gabriela Patiño Vargas

Balancing Act

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Not all slackline views are majestic because of their height. This stunning image taken on the Florida coast is every bit as impressive. We have a feeling this woman would kill it on the balance beam.

Photo: @chelleslacks/Michelle Griffith

Slackline Hula-Hoop

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If you thought the idea of just balancing on a slackline was basically impossible, what would you say if you were going to add a hula-hoop to the mix? Talk about a balancing act. Liz Thomas is a professional performer and slackliner, so it's no wonder she can perform such tricks. But you might want to work on your stability with this 15-minute total-body workout before attempting something like this.

Photo: @lizasouras/Liz Thomas

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