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Things You Should Never Say to a Gym Addict

1. "You work out too much. You should take a break."

You Don

Please stop telling me what to do. I can work out all I want.

2. "Why don't you skip the gym to do X/Y/Z instead?"

You Don

Spend too much money on an overpriced happy hour drink at a chain restaurant? No, thanks. I would much rather just go work out.

3. "I don't know how you're dedicated enough to go every day."

Get Up

I do. You just get off your butt and go. It's not that hard.

4. "You look amazing! I wish I could be that in shape."

Jillian Michaels Worth It

You can. Just start working out. Baby steps, people. This bod wasn't built in a day and I sure wasn't born like this.

5. "I can't work out, I'm just too busy. I wish I had time like you."


Yes, you can. We all have 24 hours. If you want it, you make time.

6. "But you don't need to lose weight."

Kelly Ripa No

Did you ever think that I don't need to lose weight because I go to the gym? It's about staying in shape. Duh.

7. "Will you train me?"

Amy Schumer Nope Sorry

Just because I love working out doesn't mean I want to spend my gym time telling you what to do. If I wanted to be a personal trainer, I would be one.

8. "OMG, I love working out too!" (Says the person who goes once a month and sits on their phone the whole time.)

Chloe Eye Roll

I wish I could roll my eyes even farther back into my head.

9. "I used to work out a lot, but I stopped because it wasn't working."

Let Me Stop You Right There

No, you didn't see results because you stopped. Going for two weeks doesn't count.

10. "You don't look like you work out."

Zooey Deschanel Excuse Me

You would take that back if I could pummel you with my hard-earned muscles. Instead, I'm going to walk away. (And go to the gym to vent about it.)


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