Now there's no excuse to miss your workout!

By Charlotte Andersen

I've loved the P90X Workout (and its creator Tony Horton) ever since it came out. But Tony and I had a fundamental problem in our relationship from the start. He was a home-workout kind of guy, and I'm definitely a gym girl. We were able to smooth over the rough patches at first, but as our love grew (or my love for P90X), it got harder and harder. I need my friends! I need all the equipment! And both are at the gym. What I really need is Tony at my gym. And thanks to the new P90X iPhone app ($4.99 in the iTunes app store, no Android version yet), now I can have that too!

The P90X app has every workout from the original plan (don't forget, P90X 2 comes out in one month!), and it even allows you to follow the classic or lean programs, tracking your workouts and logging your nutrition on your phone. You can set reminders and the app will text (nag) you if you haven't checked in by a certain time. You have the option of reading the names of the exercises-a step down from using the booklet, as the booklet contains descriptions and the app doesn't-or you can buy the video for each workout for an additional $6.99 each. Once you've bought the video, Tony times you and leads you through each exercise, just like he does at home. (Sans corny jokes, unfortunately.)

The P90X app has every feature of the full program for a fraction of the cost, so it's a fabulous deal if you can handle doing an entire workout staring at your tiny phone screen. The original P90X program will cost you about $140 right now, but even if you buy every single workout within the app, you'll still only spend about $60. Personally, I think the app is best suited for people who have the program already and want the flexibility of doing the workouts anywhere and just need a reminder of what move comes next.

Give it a try-Tony gives you the Ab Ripper and his fitness assessment for free once you've bought the P90X app, and those alone are worth the five bucks!

Comments (4)

January 23, 2020
This app was great until it became unavailable in Canada.... I don’t know why. I was able to track my progress, learn new advanced techniques, and really get motivated by the example videos... Paid for this years ago, became unavailable... can’t find anything equal or better then it.
November 28, 2018
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