Over 2500 people participated in the event.

By Faith Brar

Wanderlust 108, a daylong wellness celebration, has been making its way across the world for the past few weeks. Most recently, it stopped by Prospect Park in Brooklyn where attendees took part in a "mindful triathlon" that involved a morning 5K run/walk, followed by a 90-minute yoga class and 30 minutes of guided meditation. (Related: Are Fitness Festivals the New Music Festivals?)

The group of yogis also broke a Guinness World Book Record for most people doing yoga in pairs. Led by yoga instructors Elena Brower and Lauren Imparato, over 2500 people participated in the attempt that lasted approximately 10 minutes, with the flow including three poses: thick tree, supported chair, and supported seat twist.

"Wanderlust's mission is to help people to find their true north, and part of that is making yoga, meditation and mindfulness practice something that's accessible, attainable, community-focused and fun," Sean Hoess, co-CEO of Wanderlust said in a statement. "The idea of getting grounded while also setting a world record with a friend was immediately appealing, and we're thrilled to be working with Adidas and Guinness to make it happen." (Related: 16 of the Coolest Yoga Photos You'll Ever See)

In traditional festival form, the event also includes live music throughout the day and several food vendors, with a wellness slant. The snacks are healthy (think: vegan bowls and kombucha tastings), and there's a marketplace selling tons of wellness swag along with workshops and classes involving acro-yoga, hooping, walking meditation, photography and much more.

To take part in the entire experience, a premium ticket will set you back $59.08, but you can enter the yoga and meditation activities as part of the "mindful triathlon" for free. Head over to Wanderlust's website to get your ticket and to see if the festival will pass through your city. Classes are booking up fast so we recommend scoring your spot as quickly as possible.

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