The latest in our Funemployment series puts this hilarious Insta-famous duo on trampolines, in the name of fitness

By Lauren Mazzo

There's a lot to choose from in the wide world of fitness classes: from pole dancing and dance cardio to boxing and HIIT, you're sure to find something you love-and something you hate. That's why we're forcing famous Instagrammers @girlwithnojob (Claudia Oshry) and @boywithnojob (Ben Soffer) to try the latest, greatest, and wildest trends in the fit world for our "Funemployment" video series.

We already made them try a face workout (yes, that's a real thing), which involved a lot of shenanigans and some inappropriate noises, but not a lot of sweating. This time, we made them get down and dirty-or shall we say up and sweaty?-at a trampoline fitness class. Claudia and Ben ventured to JumpLife Fitness, where they went full-force at a 2-on-1 warm-up and 45-minute class of jumping madness.

The gist: you hop up and down on a mini trampoline doing different movements to get your heart rate soaring. JumpLife touts its low-impact, high-calorie burn benefits-and then there's the part where you get to feel like a kid again. Bonus: the pumping music and strobe lights give the workout a club-like atmosphere, so there's no room for feeling self-conscious about your bouncing. (Which coincidentally also makes it a perfect place to let Ben and Claudia loose. Let's just say there's a lot of singing involved.)

Go ahead and watch for yourself to see the hilarity that ensues. (Want to try a trampoline class for yourself, but don't have a studio nearby? Snap a mini trampoline at your gym and give this cardio barre trampoline circuit workout a go.)

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