What It *Really* Means If You Like Working Out In the Morning vs. Night

These surveys show your preferred workout time reveals some crazy stuff.

For the most part, there are two types of people in this world; those who could sleep in until noon every day and stay up all night (if only society didn't oppress their night owl tendencies, sigh), and those who crash around 9 p.m. and rise early to get shit done (gotta catch that worm!). This is especially true about when you like to get your sweat on.

Turns out there are some pretty interesting trends among diehard morning exercisers and evening workout warriors, according to surveys by market research company CivicScience. From favorite foods to salary, your workout time preference may reveal more about you than you think.

Pause: Before you read ahead, keep in mind that these things do not define you, and as long as you're working out in the first place, you're lapping everyone on the couch. (Nope, we don't apologize for the cheesy saying. We're not going to apologize for these epic workout mantras either.)

If You're a Morning Workout Person...

Congrats-you're good at getting out of bed. And, apparently, some other congratulations are in order; morning exercisers are more likely to earn over 100K a year, save their money, volunteer and donate to charity, and buy organic food, according to the CivicScience survey. They're also more likely to work out regularly, which makes sense; when you get it over with in the a.m., there's less to derail your good intentions throughout the day (hi, happy hour). You're also more eager to try out new equipment and classes and to search online for healthy recipes. You're also more likely to live in the Midwest and (not surprisingly) to fuel your workout with country music-and to watch documentaries and browse Pinterest while you're chillin' out.

Go ahead, gloat at little. According to this survey, morning workout people are pretty productive humans. (Maybe it's because you get all these benefits from morning workouts.)

If You're a Night Workout Person...

Whether you're a night workout person because you want to be or because you just loathe mornings, these things are likely to be true: You're a Millennial (between ages 18 and 34), you earn under 50K a year, and you dig Kashi products as well as Chex cereal, according to the survey. Coincidentally, you're pretty likely to drink coffee every day (are you sure you're not a morning person?) and to enjoy craft beer, as well as order takeout or dine out twice a week. And although you most likely follow health and fitness trends super closely, 68 percent of you consider yourself overweight.

If you liked the sound of the morning workout people better, don't fret. You can totally turn yourself into a morning workout person. If not, you have one important benefit: Science says that the best time for a run-or any workout, for that matter-is actually early evening.

The takeaway: Before you start trash talking, remember that these stats don't mean you are or have to be any of these things; they're just quirky trends that might shed a light on what you have in common with the sunrise runners or late-night lifters next to you during your workout. (There really are a bunch of benefits to both workout times.) Becoming a morning workout person isn't going to suddenly increase your salary, and becoming a night workout person isn't going to magically poof you out of the Midwest. If you're working out at all, you get a gold star.

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