Find out where your home state ranks based on its number of athletes, CrossFit gyms, and sporting goods stores

By Rachael Schultz
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You do everything you can to be healthy, but what about everyone else in your state? In case this is something you spend time pondering, Retale, a shopping app, just answered that question. The company crunched the numbers to find out which states are the sportiest. The criteria: which of the 50 are most active in sports (including high school athletic participation), which ones have the highest number of sporting good stores and CrossFit boxes, and even where the most Olympic gold medalists are from.

Turns out, CrossFit is biggest out west-Wyoming boasts the most boxes per capita, followed by Colorado, Utah, Oregon, and Montana. (Montana is one of the most well-equipped states, with the most sports stores per person than anywhere else!)

One of the biggest surprises? Alaskans are more likely to bike or walk to work than people in any other state (now that's dedication!). And some of the most obese states in the country-West Virginia, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Louisiana-have actually produced some of the best athletes, in this case the most football players inducted into the Hall of Fame. (Love football? Then you'll love The NFL Cheerleaders Workout.)

The sportiest state of all 50, though? Vermont. Residents not only embrace sports in every season-from skiing in the winter to kayaking in the summer-but it also churns out the most gold-medal Olympians. (Try Olympic Skier Julia Mancuso's Winter Games Workout.) The Green Mountain State also ranks third in places where people bike or walk to work.

Massachusetts comes in second, with one of the lowest obesity rates in the nation as well as one of the most active young populations (it's in the top 10 for high school sport participation). Plus, Bay State residents log more miles than runners anywhere else in the country (in preparation for next week's Boston marathon, we'll venture to guess). They also offer one of The Best Farmers' Markets in the U.S.

Rounding out the top three is Colorado, thanks to their leading ranking on lowest obesity rates among the 50 states. Often considered the healthiest state in America, Colorado's ranking is no surprise in a state known for every outdoor sport, including mountain biking, rock climbing, kayaking, and world-class white water rafting. (Check out 12 Places to Go Rock Climbing Before You Die.) Colorado also has the second highest number of sporting good stores per capita, as well as the second highest number of CrossFit boxes.

Want to know where your state landed on the list? Check out the full results.

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