This seriously tough martial arts style isn't for the faint of heart.

By Julia Malacoff
Updated: January 11, 2017

With the rise of social media, we've gotten an inside look at celeb workouts in a way we never did before. While we've seen stars try pretty much every kind of sweat session, it seems like butt-kicking workouts (literally) are becoming a Hollywood fave. Gisele can't get enough of MMA, while Gigi Hadid is known to be more into straight-up boxing workouts. Now, it looks like Jane the Virgin actress Gina Rodriguez is also getting in the fighting spirit.

In a recent Instagram post, Rodriguez shared an impressive action shot with the caption: "No pain, no Muay Thai. I came here to transform. I came here to face my demons and bad habits. I went full force into training and it wasn't comfortable or easy but discipline never is and life never is. Every day I want to grow stronger, I may fail but I will try. Everyday I want to grow wiser, I may fail but I will try. Life knocks you down and it can hurt but that has never stopped me before and so I repeat no pain, no Muay Thai." It sounds like she's pretty inspired by doing Muay Thai-and when you put it the way she did, how could you not be?

But what is Muay Thai exactly? For starters, it might soon be an Olympic sport. Basically, it's a form of martial arts that also happens to be the national sport of Thailand and has been practiced in the country for hundreds of years. Known for being a super-intense type of kickboxing, the combat-style sport involves full-on hand- and leg-to-body contact. In other words, if you're into other intense forms of martial arts like MMA, you'll probably like Muay Thai, too. (Psst. Here's more info on how to get a kick-butt body with kickboxing).

If Rodriguez' rationale for giving this workout a try didn't convince you, here are a few other reasons: Martial arts workouts can help improve balance and coordination, plus build up your flexibility. Additionally, they're an awesome way to work on your overall strength in a way that's not powerlifting. What's more, it's a seriously effective way of getting in rock-solid shape. "Boxing requires power and endurance, working every single muscle, which is why it cuts fat fast," Eric Kelly, a boxing coach at Gleason's Gym in Brooklyn, NY, and a Reebok Combat Training coach told Shape. Also, it's fun! Just look at Rodriguez getting her fight on in this video.


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