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Wild Fitness Photos from the Scariest Places on Earth

Acro Yoga at 600 Feet

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Do yoga inversions make you nervous? If so, you might want to prepare yourself before watching this insane video of yogis Brian Mosbaugh and Kesley Ondine practicing AcroYoga on natural rock formations 600 feet above ground level. Talk about taking your practice to new heights! (Get more yoga fitspiration by checking out these Cool Instagram Photos of Celebrities in Yoga Poses that are just as awesome.)

Photo: Trimr

Cycling on the Cliffs of Moher

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Ireland's Cliffs of Moher wind along the coast of County Clare and feature a mind-numbing 700-foot vertical drop at their highest point. People from all over the world come to enjoy the views, and the routes along the cliff have been named one of the top greatest cycling routes in the world
. But these trails aren't for amateur riders—one wobble and you'll be falling straight into the Atlantic Ocean.

Photo: Pinterest

Yoga on Norway's Trolltunga

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Photographer Alex Emanuel Koch captured this image of his girlfriend doing handstand splits on Norway's Trolltunga Rock, which juts out above Lake Ringedalsvatnet. It's a huge tourist destination (the name means Troll's Tongue), but we bet most people don't have the guts to attempt this move at 2,300 feet.

Photo: Alex Emanuel Koch

Rock Climbing in Cabo San Lucas

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Rock climbing is a great way to work your whole body—and get a killer birds' eye view of the spectacular scenery around you. But rock climbing over the open water with nary a harness in sight? Here's hoping the water below is deep enough... (See 12 Places to Go Rock Climbing Before You Die.)

Photo: Greg Sims

Ice Climbing in Colorado

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We're all for ice climbing and winter hiking—those snow shoes and cleats will give you the kind of workout you'd never get in your regular sneaks! But this? This guy brings ice climbing to a whole new level. Ice breaks, you know. And that harness looks a little flimsy next to that giant frozen waterfall (okay, a lot flimsy). 

Photo: Keith Ladzinski

Kayaking in Victoria Falls

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Kayaking's a classic summer activity, right? But there's nothing traditional about how this trio does it—they paddled right up to the lip of Victoria Falls (the largest waterfall in the world, mind you) for an epic view of the 350-foot cascade of water. (No one has ever survived that fall—just in case you were thinking about re-enacting their stunt.)

Photo: Desre Tate/Barcroft Media

Glacial Boarding in New Zealand

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There's snowboarding, and then there's glacial snowboarding. In this shot, Mark Sallors hits the lip of a natural quarter-pipe, putting—in our opinion—a lot of faith in the strength of that very thin-looking ice. That said, though, the stunning, surreal surroundings are beyond breathtaking. (Looks like glacial snowboarding should be added to the 5 Extreme Sports That Put Skiing to Shame.)

Photo: Jeff Curtes/Caters News

Extreme Skiing in Wyoming

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Oh, you're a pro at Black Diamond runs? This type of slope will make even the most experienced skiier shiver in their boots. We're not sure exactly what peak this skier is at, but Grand Targhee Resort (where the photo was shot) boasts a vertical drop of 2,270 feet. Yikes. 

Photo: Buzzfeed

Cliff Diving in Portugal

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Cliff diving combines some of our favorite activities: hiking, rock climbing, swimming... But you literally couldn't pay us to re-enact Blake Aldridge's 95-foot dive from the rocks in the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series (yes, there's a World Series for cliff diving!) in Portugal.

Photo: Handout/Getty Images

Extreme Yoga on a Tightrope in Utah

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People will do yoga in the craziest places. Like on a tight rope. Above a giant canyon. Oh, sure, she's strapped in (can you see that tiny green rope holding her back from imminent death?). But still—this makes a handstand seem like child's pose, doesn't it? (If you're suddenly craving adventure after seeing these breathtaking photos, consider the following 7 Travel Destinations That Answer the Call of the 'Wild'.)

Photo: Jared Alden/Getty Images


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