Burn calories while watching this funny foursome—and not from laughing your abs off.

By Lauren Mazzo
Updated: October 11, 2017

Whether you're already a Will & Grace fan (circa the show's original run from 1998 to 2006), or it was their 2016 reunion encouraging America to vote that sparked your interest, there are plenty of reasons to tune in to the sitcom's laugh-out-loud revival, coming back to NBC tomorrow (Thursday, September 28): Karen's borderline-alcoholic antics, Jack's straight-up extra-ness, and the #goals relationship between Will and Grace.

The biggest reason, though? This exclusive workout game from Reebok trainer Scott Panchik, a six‐time CrossFit Games athlete, that will totally burn off all the wine you sip while watching with your besties. (Better yet, warm up by playing while watching reruns before the latest premiere.)

1. Every time Jack makes an epic entrance into the apartment, perform four pistol squats to the couch.

Need a pistol squat how-to? Here you go. Not hard enough? Try the shrimp squat.

2. Every time Karen makes a drink, perform three squat jumps.

While you're at it, squat jump your way over to your own bar cart to make yourself a healthy cocktail.

3. Every time Will and Grace hug, perform two inchworms.

Learn how to do the inchworm-this classic move is actually one of our favorite deceptively simple body-sculpting exercises.

4. Every time Jack talks about acting, perform a 20‐second Superman hold.

Pretend like you're famous, too-a famous superhero, that is. Here's how to perform a Superman hold correctly.

5. Every time Karen makes fun of Will, perform five pushups.

(Just make sure you're doing that push-up with the proper form.)

6. Every time Will and Grace discuss their relationships, perform four lunges.

Swap regular lunges for one of these lunge variations to work different muscles.

7. Every time Jack and Karen high five, perform five pillow swings.

(P.S. That's not the only workout move you can do with a pillow.)

8. Every time Will and Grace play a game in the living room, perform six air squats.

Dontcha just love game night?

9. Every time a famous celebrity shows up as a guest star, run in place for 30 seconds.

More Baldwin, please!



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