Don't worry. She lived to tell the tale.

By Faith Brar

Some people will do just about anything to get a good 'Gram (hey, we're all guilty). That's why it doesn't come as a total surprise that Twitter user (and, presumably, yoga fan) Chisa Tolbertson thought it was a good idea to attempt a yoga pose on a narrow tree trunk above a fast-flowing river somewhere deep in the woods. (Related: 16 of the Coolest Yoga Poses You Will Ever See)

Things didn't go as planned: Chisa lost her balance while preparing to do a wheel pose, and fell head first into the raging river below. If that wasn't bad enough, the video also shows her being carried downstream by the rushing water in the middle of the clip. Take a look:

While Chisa first posted the video back in May, it didn't gain popularity until it resurfaced on Reddit this week. In her tweet, Chisa noted: "If I don't make it on America's Funniest Home Videos it was not worth it at all." (That seems pretty fair.) Thankfully, Chisa clarified that she didn't get hurt, with the exception of her pinky finger and a few lost fake nails.

Chisa returned to the same river for a more successful post, but (wisely) chose a much less dangerous spot.

"For the record I'm alive and I got a redemption picture with said river," she wrote alongside the video. #Respect.

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