The Best Workout for Your Zodiac Sign

Your ideal fitness schedule might just be written in the stars.

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We're not knocking a little workout variety (or trying something new outside of your fitness comfort zone), but there's something to be said for a routine that perfectly matches your personality. Which is why we decided to go by way of the stars—Sharita Star, that is. The uber-popular astrologer and numerologist told us how to find the best zodiac sign workout. Follow her tips below for finding the best option based on your astrological sign—and it may just lead to a match made in (sweaty) heaven.


Birthday: March 21-April 20

Your personality: You're a bold, adventurous competitor, and we wish lots of luck to anyone who tries to take you on. "You're an expert at being first," Star says. "The more you compete, the more driven your spirit will be to commit to routines."

Best Zodiac Sign Workout: Metric-based cycling, like Flywheel Sports or Equinox's Pursuit

Metric-based cycling allows you to monitor your progress and engage in a little friendly competition, whether that's through numbers only—like at Flywheel—or through video game–like competitions throughout class, which you'll find in Pursuit. (Discover the #1 way to get more out of every single spin class.) "At Flywheel, every studio is equipped with TorqBoards—large flat screens at the front of the room that show class leaders and performance data," says Ruth Zukerman, creative director and co-founder of Flywheel Sports. "The boards flash real-time data throughout class for those who want to see how they rank against others." But don't freak if you're having an off day with this zodiac sign workout—adding your name to the board in either studio is completely optional.


Birthday: April 21-May 21

Your personality: Known for being a chill, calm stabilizer, the grounded Taurus exercises patience more than any other sign. "Wherever workouts take you, doing them in nature makes your soul sing," Star says. "When you know you are grounded, the rewards are yours for the taking."

Best Zodiac Sign Workout: Outdoor boot camp, like Stacy's Bootcamp or November Project

Clocking a hardcore workout of burpees, push-ups, and planks while still connecting with the earth is the perfect balance for the persistent, yet patient, Taurus. Many of these zodiac sign workouts have you rising with the sun, too, giving your day a rejuvenating start. "For the powerful bull, this combination is a perfect one moment it's peacefully grazing the land [translation: gentle warm-ups], at the next it's charging full force [hello, burpees!]," says Stacy Berman, founder of Stacy's Bootcamp. "Opt for a program that offers all outdoor classes—all year long, rain or shine—so your commune with nature is complete."


Birthday: May 22-June 20

Your personality: Find yourself in your own head a lot? That's because the Gemini is known for being an intellectually alert thinker. To avoid boredom and ensure you stay focused during your zodiac sign workout, Star suggests you always "breathe deep throughout your workouts and make sure your mind is equally involved," utilizing your inventive hands whenever possible.

Best Zodiac Sign Workout: Pilates

Pilates classes equal prime time for focusing on your breathing, and the regular flow of movement keeps your mind engaged—leaving little room for it to wander. "There aren't many exercise methods that build strength and flexibility at the same time," says Téana David, a Pilates coordinator at David Barton Gym. "Get the best of both worlds with our Pilates Mat Classes. You'll find the twin styles of classical and contemporary Pilates (think more creative takes on standard Pilates moves, with some dance influence) under one roof, which means double trouble for your abs!"


Birthday: June 21-July 22

Your personality: You're a sensitive, emotional nurturer who loves spending time with family, especially if it's in the kitchen. After an indulgent meal, head to the water—or at least a class that simulates it. "You feel most nurtured and alive when near the water [as do other water signs] and like to be involved in fitness routines that allow you to reflect," says Star. "You, too, can intuitively lead the team to win," so head to the front of the class next time.

Best Zodiac Sign Workout: Variations of yoga, like Crunch's H2-OM or SURFSET Fitness

If you're looking for a workout that focuses on the inside along with the outside, yoga is your zodiac sign workout match. "It's an all-inclusive body workout that has a continuous flow of energy and allows you to get in touch with your full body (and soul, if you're fully engaged)," says Marc Santa Maria, national director of group fitness at Crunch. Rooted in yoga, Crunch's H2-OM class is an interval workout that allows you to find your sea legs on the mat, then apply them on a surfboard as the sound of crashing waves plays in the background. Music to a crab's ears.


Birthday: July 23-August 22

Your personality: Typically the life of the party, the Leo is known for being a creatively expressive entertainer. "If your heart's into a routine, you'll keep coming back for more, especially if you have an audience," Star says. Cue the stage lights!

Best Zodiac Sign Workout: Dance classes or Zumba

If you like to put on a show, find a dance studio where every zodiac sign workout will feel like a performance, suggests Stephen Brotebeck, artistic director of Broadway Bodies. "Incorporating choreographed dance movements, whether basic or challenging, with high-impact aerobics gives you a fun and exciting cardio class that encourages you to sing along while you sweat." If Top 40 tunes are more your style, give Zumba a try, where instructors lead you through routines to the latest radio hits with extra Latin flair (think basic salsa and merengue steps) to honor the program's roots.


Birthday: August 23-September 22

Your personality: Known to be the efficient, methodical purist of the sun signs, it's not unusual for you to find yourself tidying up or trying to fix what's wrong. "Whatever exercise routine takes your mind away from fixing the details makes your doubt go away too," Star says.

Best Zodiac Sign Workout: Core exercises, like Crunch's The Hang-Over or a Flex Studios' FlexTRX

Santa Maria points out that one of the main benefits of core work is its ability to put you in touch with your gut and instinct. With Crunch's The Hang-Over class, "aerial silks suspend you in the air, forcing you to work against gravity to lift yourself up and give your lower abs a major challenge." Another chisel-happy option? TRX classes, which turn up the toning power by working on an unstable surface.


Birthday: September 23-October 22

Your personality: Not usually one to start a fight (or make a mess of things), the Libra is a friendly, peaceful cooperator whose interests including finding balance and making things pretty. "Focusing on balance and grace to stay fit channels those tendencies," Star says, who also notes your leadership skills would make you the perfect referee.

Best Zodiac Sign Workout: Barre

"With barre, the focus is on isolating muscles and firing them up through small, isometric, low-impact movements," says Katelyn DiGiorgio, director of training at Pure Barre. "You'll benefit from strength training sections that focus on women's 'trouble' zones: hips, thighs, butt, abs, and arms, followed by stretch sections that help lengthen your muscles." Once you have the hang of things, we wouldn't be surprised if you start seeking out instructor training. Go, girl.


Birthday: October 23-November 21

Your personality: Intense much? Known to be fearless investigators (ahem, with a very high sex drive), the Scorpio is passionate about all things in life—and exercise is no exception. "Empowering workouts that help you feel invigorated ignite your passion to work out," Star says. "Choose intense routines, whether on land or water, that strengthen your core from the root chakra, the center of your spiritual power."

Best Zodiac Sign Workout: Water workouts, like Equinox's Aqua Bootcamp or RJ Valentin's Deep Water Running

It's all about the adrenaline rush for you, and working—or running—it out reminds you that you're in charge. When swimming laps or pounding pavement solo doesn't do the trick, try an aqua bootcamp like those offered at Equinox. "It challenges the body by using the resistance of the water on all your major muscle groups, and timed intervals crank up the intensity of each exercise." (


Birthday: November 22-December 21

Your personality: Sagittarians are known as the best athletes among all the signs. (Go ahead, dust your shoulder off. We'll wait!) Star says, "You are the ultimate multi-tasker and athlete that possesses amazing stamina. But only if you are connected to your body, mind, and spirit."

Best Zodiac Sign Workout: Fusion classes, like Circuit of Change or PiYo

"Fitness classes that combine tons of different techniques will burn a massive amount of calories while reducing stress and helping you find balance," says Brian Delmonico, founder of Circuit of Change. "[At our studio], we combine yoga, martial arts, gymnastics, meditation, and more into a high-intensity cardio and strength workout, pushing your physical and mental limits, so you never get bored or plateau."


Birthday: December 22-January 19

Your personality: Always the disciplined, dependable strategist, you commit to things for the long haul, so zodiac sign workouts that require endurance, patience, and precision are best. "You always enjoy the routine that gives you a sense of achievement," Star says. We're gonna go ahead and guess there's a race medal rack with your name on it. If there's not, then we know what your next birthday gift should be.

Best Zodiac Sign Workout: Challenging classes, like SLT, or races, like Tough Mudder

"To build up your body's endurance, slowing down your workout may be the way to go," says Amanda Freeman, CEO and Founder of SLT. "Forcing your muscles to work at a slower pace [whether that's at a four-count pace in an SLT class or when sludging through heavy mud and water on an obstacle course] will activate your slow-twitch muscle fibers, thus leading to long, lean results. It enables you to be more precise with movements and you'll be more likely to avoid injury."


Birthday: January 20-February 18

Your personality: Not to be mistaken for a follower, you're great at maintaining a sense of individuality while surrounded by a group. For a bond-boosting Aquarius like yourself, the most enjoyable workouts integrate teamwork, "especially if it involves friends and a cause for humanity," Star says. "Your blood loves to flow, so set the pace high and dare your buddies to keep up."

Best Zodiac Sign Workout: Team fitness classes, like SWERVE or Throwback Fitness

"Competing as a team pushes people to work harder than they might otherwise have if they were working out alone. The team holds you accountable to work your hardest, but is also there to cheer you on and support you every step of the way," says Dyan Tsiumis, head instructor at SWERVE. "The high-intensity intervals that each of our classes is composed of, coupled with the team spirit and fierce music, will get Aquarian hearts racing!" Set up a charity ride for your next fundraiser to get the biggest heartwarming bang for your zodiac sign workout buck.


Birthday: February 19-March 20

Your personality: The good news? Your empathetic nature makes you the best friend everyone wants to sweat out a bad day with. The bad news? Your tendency to really feel things can get the best of you. To stay focused (and calm any anxiety), Star suggests meditating and getting your feet wet. "Being a water sign, you're a fish out of water if you work out on land too much, so make sure you are swimming more often than not," she says.

Best Zodiac Sign Workout: Aquacycling

"Aquacycling is a unique detox workout. It offers you a natural detoxifying massage while you pedal and stimulates your entire lymphatic system [responsible for defending the body against disease among other things]," says Esther Gauthier, founder of AQUA Studio NY.

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