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This Yoga Teacher Held a Harry Potter Yoga Class for Halloween

Gimmicky workout classes aren't uncommon and, let's be real, we don't hate them. Rocking out to a Beyoncé-themed spin class? Yes please. Valentine's Day kickboxing classes that invite you to take out your aggression on your Ex? Sign us up. But this Halloween, one yoga teacher took her workout class festivities way further than just adding a couple of spooky tunes to her playlist by hosting a full on Harry Potter-themed yoga class. As you might guess, it was magical.


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Hosted at Circle Brewing Co. in Austin, Texas, the supernatural sweat session featured calls to join Dumbledore's Army (aka warrior 2), rides on the Hogwarts Express (aka chair pose), transfigurations (from cat pose to cow pose), Womping Willow impressions (otherwise referred to as tree pose in Muggle yoga), and hiding under invisibility cloaks (what most of us would call savasana), according to Cosmopolitan. People even got their very own wands—jealous yet?


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Though the Harry Potter-themed class was a one-time thing (at least for now) we love the idea of incorporating a bit more magic into our normal workout routines. If visualizing Dementors helps you to cast off bad vibes and get your zen on, more power to you—wand optional.


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