A pre-dawn wake up call, obstacle course, and sober dance party. Is there anything *more* opposite of their lifestyle?

By Lauren Mazzo
Updated: September 21, 2016

If you aren't already familiar with Instagram humor sensations @girlwithnojob (Claudia Oshry) and @boywithnojob (Ben Soffer), then you need to give their feed a scroll ASAP. You can get an idea of their lifestyle pretty quickly: Couch, pizza, sleep, sarcasm, etc. So you can imagine their elation when we told them that for the next episode in our "FunEmployed" series, they had to get up at 4 am, complete an obstacle course, and then rave-sober.

We already made them try a face workout, a super fancy Pilates-style reformer class called SLT, and a trampoline workout. Needless to say, they absolutely loved them all. Next, we sent them to a Daybreaker-an early-morning party sans booze and drugs, where millennials dance their faces off before heading to the office. But this wasn't your average Daybreaker. It all went down in Macy's in New York City, where they had to complete an eight-floor obstacle course before reaching the rave at the bottom of the department store. Obstacles included everything from a shoe box carry to a pillow toss to a three-legged race (with plenty of time for naps in display beds and playing in revolving doors, typical #funemployed style). After they reached the final floor, they got to dance, take (non-alcoholic) shots, and nibble on party snacks (ultra-healthy cookies).

Watch them slay, struggle, and cheat their way through the obstacles, make hilarious #nofilter remarks about the whole ordeal, and yawn, like, a million times. We can only hope they celebrated a successful Daybreaker event in the most appropriate way possible: With a long, hard nap. After all, they'll need to rest up before we make them try the next hottest fitness trend.


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