Try out some new moves! Watch these workout videos for ideas and inspiration. Get advice from trainers, celebrities and more!

Get fitness tips from top trainers and see their favorite moves. Watch exercises demonstrated and perfect your form. Try different routines and challenge yourself in new ways

These workout videos will show you new moves to take to the gym or do at home. Recharge your workout and your body.

Not sure what moves you should be doing? Check out these workout moves.

Get your routine back into high gear. Focus on strength training or cardio.

With these workout videos, you are sure to get a great exercise.

There was a time in your life when you didn't even realize what you were doing was called aerobic or cardio exercise. One of the most successful long-term weight-maintenance strategies is to make sure you burn 1,000 calories through exercise every week. But how you burn them is up to you. You can do anything from playing basketball (400 calories an hour*) to jumping rope (658 calories an hour) to going dancing (300 calories an hour). There's no reason anything you do has to feel like a "workout."So banish all the "I have tos" and "I should bes" from your vocabulary, and try out some of these ideas for playing like a kid again. Calorie estimates are based on a 145-pound woman.

Check out these workout videos.

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