Warm up with some great tunes before you begin your workout routine.

Here's terrific exercise music that will motivate you and get your workout started:

"A New Day Has Come"

Celine Dion


*Just a great song to wake-up to; Celine's voice and lyrics are beautiful.

"I Need to Wake Up" (From "An Inconvenient Truth")

Melissa Etheridge


*A truly motivating and inspirational song: a great way to start the day particularly when you're exercising in the morning as I do.

"Beautiful Day"



*It reminds me of all the potential ahead of me in the day.

Up tempo exercise music really gets your heart pumping!

"It's My Life"

Bon Jovi


*It is YOUR life; you can do what you want, get the body you want, whatever. (It's okay to sing to this; I do!)

"Shake Ya Tailfeather"

Murphy Lee, Nelly & P. Diddy


*Note that some of the lyrics are explicit; if this bothers you, skip this and go on to the next song. I've found that I barely listen to the words; the beat is perfect for cardio.

"Get the Party Started"



*If you haven't already notching up the level or your speed, this is the song to do it to.

"I Like to Move It"

Madagascar 5


*Just a great old club song that really gets you moving no matter what you're doing: running, walking or cardio machines.

"Push It"



*Another classic club song of the '80s, this is still a great workout song -- and perfect for hills or spinning at high speeds on the bike.

"Pump It"

The Black Eyed Peas


*This keeps your heart rate up until you're ready to go into cool down mode.

Wind up your 45 minute workout routine with a cool down set of exercise music that helps your heart rate slow down.


Natalie Imbruglia


*Just the right song to start your cool-down; still has the right beat to start your heart rate slowing down.

Chasing Cars

"Snow Patrol"


*Great band, great lyrics and great cool-down rhythm.

"The First Cut is the Deepest"

Sheryl Crow


*Another slower song that helps wind you down.

"What's Left of Me"

Nick Lachey


*The perfect ending song in your exercise music repertoire. If you don't need this long of a cooldown, you can end on one of the earlier songs.

*Total time adds up a bit more than 46 minutes, allowing you to stay motivated through your entire 45 minute workout -- and to skip or forward ahead through songs if necessary.